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How to Get Google WiFi to Every Corner of your Home

Google WiFi was introduced in the US in December 2016, and now it’s spreading its wings from all over the world. Google WiFi is a new type of connected system for seamless WiFi coverage throughout your home that helps remove dead wireless zones and buffering. It is built on a new mesh WiFi technology, which aims to deliver strong WiFi coverage to every corner of your home.

With Google WiFi, you can place various WiFi units in different rooms for fast Internet connection in every corner of your house. Remember that each WiFi unit creates a high-powered connection within the mesh network.

Get Google WiFi

Google WiFi connects with your existing modem via Ethernet cable. You can easily expand your wireless network and connect to several devices in series. Compared to earlier methods of expanding coverage, mesh networks offer high speed and low latency on the basis of the IEEE 802.11s connectivity standard.

Get Google WiFi - devices in series

As we’ve mentioned above, Google WiFi is a home WiFi system that offers reliable wireless coverage around every corner of your house. It simply replaces your router for reliable coverage throughout your home. If you’re moving from one WiFi zone to another during a WhatsApp video call, the mesh network will retain the data stream without terminating the connection. This way Google helps you fix your home’s WiFi coverage issues.

The only downside of the small WiFi pucks is that they don’t offer their own modem. If you use a router from your cable company, you’ll need to continue using it as a modem. However, you can deactivate the WiFi functionality on it in order to remove the channel for your new WiFi system. You can then activate the WiFi hotspot via the Ethernet cable on your router’s Ethernet port. Consequently, you can enjoy improved and better WiFi quality.

How to Get Google WiFi

  1. First of all, install Google WiFi
  2. Once you’ve installed it on your system, you need to find devices via Bluetooth
  3. You can then create a WiFi connection after scanning the QR code of each WiFi hotspot

At the time of installation, you can set a network identifier and password to hook up further devices and also laptops to the WiFi system.

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Google WiFi includes two additional Gigabit Ethernet ports. You can connect your system and smart home devices to these ports using cables.

Get Google WiFi - Ethernet Ports

Google is constantly developing its router quality and offers many updates. The app already provides various functions like online scheduling for individual devices, Guest network, admin access for Google accounts, etc., which other routers don’t possess.

Google WiFi Cost

The cost of Google WiFi depends upon whether you want to start with one router or get a pack of three for a larger home with WiFi coverage. The only thing that makes sense for a large home is the triple pack that costs a hefty $299. The puck-shaped routers are effectively sold individually for $129 and in a pack of three for $299.

It should be noted that the new feature of Google doesn’t completely replace your router if you don’t have a modem yet. Along with this, if you’re already using a modem and starting with a Google WiFi hotspot then you’ll need to pay $129 each. You can easily purchase the devices from Google Store, Best Buy, and also from Amazon.

Try your hands on Google WiFi to extend fast Internet access to every corner of your home!

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How to Get Google WiFi to Every Corner of your Home
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How to Get Google WiFi to Every Corner of your Home
Google WiFi a new type of connected system for seamless WiFi coverage throughout your home that helps to remove dead wireless zones and buffering.
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