iOS 11 Public Beta
How to Download iOS 11 Public Beta on iPhone

If you’re all set to jump on the iOS 11 train right away rather than waiting for its official debut this year, you can get onboard today. The iPhone maker Apple has released the first iOS 11 public beta, which anyone with an Apple ID is able to install for free.

Before showing you how to download iOS 11 public beta on iPhone and iPad, we would like to start with a word of caution: Given that with any beta software, iOS 11 is an incomplete product. You may face bugs and odd behaviors. Even some of your apps may not work properly. The company puts its public betas of iOS to get feedback from users, so it can iron out the kinks before launching its final version. In case you aren’t up for the occasional hiccup, don’t download it. However, if you just want it, it would be best to download it on an old iOS device.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s know how to download the first public beta of iOS 11 on your device.

Download iOS 11 Public Beta

  1. Prepare Your Device

Download iOS 11 public beta - Prepare Your Device

First of all, you’ll require signing up for Apple’s beta program, if you haven’t already. The sign-up process entails only your Apple ID and takes hardly two or three minutes.

After that, back up your iOS device. It is an essential step to take, before upgrading. You can backup your phone’s data on iTunes or iCloud.

  1. Enroll Your Device

Download iOS 11 public beta - Enroll Your Device

As soon as you backup your device, open Safari browser and navigate to the Apple’s beta program page. Log in with your Apple ID and then tap on the iOS tab. Next, scroll down and tap on the Enroll Your iOS Device link > Download Profile button.

Safari will ask to launch the Settings app and ask you to download the beta software profile. Now, just tap on the Install button, enter your passcode, and restart your iOS device when asked.

  1. Download and Install iOS 11 Public Beta

Download iOS 11 public beta

Once your device has restarted and software profile has installed, you can now download iOS 11 public beta. Launch the Settings app and navigate to the General > Software Update section. Next, hit the Download and Install button if the iOS 11 update doesn’t automatically start installing.

After the downloading is completed, install the iOS public beta on iPhone by hitting the Install now button. Finally, you’re ready to try your hands on the new features of iOS 11.

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How to Download iOS 11 Public Beta on iPhone
Apple released the first iOS 11 public beta today. In this tutorial, we'll tell you how to download and install it on your device right now.
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