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10 Best iPad Tips 2017 You Should Know

Apple’s iPad has been around for nearly five years, but there are many features tucked away behind its shiny surface that you’ve probably never discovered. That’s why we’ve burrowed into the tablet’s psyche to find all the skeletons in its closet, all those things you don’t even think it can do. Here’re our 10 best iPad tips 2017 which will help you explore all the ins and outs of your device. In case you’re all set, let’s get the ball rolling.

Best iPad Tips 2017

  1. Check Yourself

iPad Tips - Check Yourself

Apple’s new iPad comes with comes with a profile section at the top of Settings that amasses all your account information. It offers convenient access to your iTunes, iCloud, App Store, and Family Sharing info together with a list of Apple devices you’ve linked to these accounts.

  1. Root out Outdated Apps

iPad Tips - Root out Outdated Apps

You can root out outdated iOS apps by heading over to the Settings > General > About > Applications section. If you see a ‘>’ symbol next to the number of the installed apps, you’ve got at least one outdated app which can potentially slow down your smartphone. Just tap on each app to check for updates. In case you’re looking to root your Android device, then visit our complete guide to rooting Android smartphone.

  1. Enable Emoji Keyboard

iPad Tips - Enable Emoji Keyboard

Another one among our iPad tips 2017 is for turning on the Emoji keyboard on your iOS device. The emoji keyboard enables you to insert all sorts of fun images whenever you type such as the latest additions of unicorns, tacos, and more. The tablet is even able to speak the names of symbols.

Maybe you’ve seen these iconographic symbols in Messages on iOS 10, emails, tweets, and wondered how on the planet people managed to type them. Well, you don’t need any third-party app to do so. You just need to enable emoji keyboard by heading over to the Settings > General > International > Keyboards section. Then, tap on the Add New Keyboard button and find Emoji. Finally, open the app where you want to type some text. You’ll see a little globe icon placed next to the spacebar. Simply tap on it to switch between the normal keyboard and the Emoji one.

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  1. Weather in Maps

iPad Tips - Weather in Maps

The iOS 10.3 update added a tiny weather bug to the bottom-right corner of the screen to display current weather conditions. Simply 3D Touch the weather bug to see the information of the hourly forecast and in case you continue to hold, it’ll pop you out to the Weather app for the location.

  1. Swipe to Switch Apps

iPad Tips - Swipe to Switch Apps

Are you habitual in using multiple apps at the same time? If yes, then tip in our list of best iPad tips will be very helpful for you. Rather than double-tapping the Home button and scrolling through the app switcher, a quicker way is to merely swipe sideways with four fingers to switch apps on iPad. In order to turn on this gesture, navigate to Settings > General > Multitasking and toggle on Gestures. Well, if you own an Android phone, you can use its quick switch feature to easily navigate between two apps.

  1. Download a Single Track from Apple Music

iPad Tips - Download a Single Track from Apple Music

If you use Apple Music, you’re very much aware of the fact that you can easily stream music from the Internet to your phone whenever there’s a signal. But what if you’re on a plane with no connection? Luckily, you can download any individual track from the streaming service onto your iOS device. To do so, tap on the Menu button situated next to each song in the My Music tab and then tap on the Make available offline button. You can even control your music with Apple Watch. This is definitely one of the best iPad tips and tricks if you want to escape from the hassle of scrolling through a list of tracks to find your favorite one.

  1. Unlock without Pressing Home Button

iPad Tips - Unlock without Pressing Home Button

The ‘slide to unlock’ method is no longer supported by the iOS 10.3. It offers you two options to unlock you iPad with iOS 10. First, you can press the Home button to unlock your tablet while the second one requires you rest your finger on the button. For the later, navigate to the Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and hit the toggle switch to enable the Rest Finger to Open option.

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  1. Slide It on Over

iPad Tips - Slide It on Over

The next one among our best iPad tips and tricks is for the new Slide Over panel. You’ll need to swipe from the right edge of the screen to call up the panel. It allows you to access the second app in the narrow Slide Over panel without leaving the current app.

  1. Organize Your Apps with Folders

iPad Tips - Organize your apps with folders

Let’s move ahead in our iPad guide with a tip that lets you manage your apps with folders. You can create app folders on your device to manage your apps. To do so, just hold your finger down on an app’s icon until all the apps start to jiggle. Afterward, drag it on top of another app and iPad will create an app folder. In order to add more apps to the folder, drag them over and drop them on the newly-created folder.

  1. Reset Your iPad

iPad Tips - Reset Your iPad

If your iPad is running slow, this tip in the list of our best iPad tips 2017 is just made for you. Reset your iPad to give it a fresh start. There are two ways to reset an iOS device: a soft reset and a factory reset. While using the soft reset method, no data will be deleted from your iPad at all. On the other hand, before resetting your tablet to its factory settings, make sure that you have backed up all your data as the factory reset method will delete all your iPad data.

10 Best iPad Tips 2017 You Should Know
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10 Best iPad Tips 2017 You Should Know
Here’re our 10 best iPad tips 2017 which will help you explore all the ins and outs of your device. In case you’re all set, let’s get the ball rolling.
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