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Avast 2017 New Features to Protect You from Ransomware and Cyberthreats

A lot of people work online on daily basis, both personally as well as professionally. However, the online world is full of cyber attacks that can harm your device. Avast 2017 is designed to combat the most rampant threats like ransomware and cyber threats. The application protects your system against unsecured IoT home devices and other online threats.

Avast 2017 is a great collection of products such as Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security, and Avast Premier. As Avast has acquired AVG Technologies, both the teams have worked together. The product manager of Avast 2017 has recently announced their redesigned next-generation security software.

If you don’t have the software installed on your machine, download Avast Free Antivirus now to protect your system against various threats.

Avast 2017 New Features

  1. Behavior Shield Identifies Ransomware

In 2016, Avast has detected around 150 new strains of ransomware for Windows OS whereas the Avast Threat Labs has discovered over 28mn ransomware threats all over the world. As the cyber threat is increasing day-by-day, the company has decided to incorporate an AVG behavior analysis technology called Behavior Shield in Avast 2017.

The Shield detects the suspicious behavior of any software that runs on your system in real time. It’s a simple yet effective tool against ransomware and can find unidentified samples of ransomware by looking into the behavior of code as it executes. After this, it will stop and quarantine the threat.

  1. Zero-second Protection Against Attacks

Avast Nitro users will identify CyberCapture technology, a proprietary and cloud-based smart file scanner. It finds the threats that have never seen before in real time. Avast 2017 offers faster detection to discover and isolate unknown files on your system. It analyzes them in real time and determines whether they’re harmful or not.

The application offers an improved performance and includes the latest CyberCapture technology with zero-second threat detection against unfamiliar files. 90% of the CyberCaptured samples are resolved while the remaining 10% go to the Threat Labs where a real human performs an ad-hoc analysis.

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  1. Manage Your Passwords

It’s not a good idea to reuse the same password again; and it’s quite difficult to manage different passwords. But now, you can easily manage all your passwords and keep yourself secure with the help of redesigned Avast Passwords for Windows and Macs. You’ll be happy to know that all your passwords are kept securely at one place, locked behind a master password.

  1. Wi-Fi Inspector Searches for Unsecured Internet of Things Devices at Your Home

Next cybersecurity prediction for 2017 is the evolution of caged Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Because of well-known security vulnerabilities, all the game consoles, home routers, smart TVs, baby monitors, and various other IoT devices are easily targeted.

The new Wi-Fi Inspector of Avast 2017, previously known as Home Network Security, proactively scans the home networks of users for susceptible devices and discovers poor Wi-Fi passwords, compromised Internet connections, vulnerable routers, enabled but not protected connections. In case the vulnerability is identified, the utility offers a complete guide to you so you can easily troubleshoot any security issues.

  1. Making it Simpler to Execute What You Want to Carry Out


There is an improved Avast Game Mode that ensures zero interruptions during PC gaming. It means when Avast 2017 switches into Game Mode, all Avast notifications are muted and updates are delayed. This way gamers will get more bandwidth.

What’s more, the new Passive Mode completely shuts down the active shielding components and Firewall. It allows Avast and another antivirus to share the similar system space without competing.

Avast’s SafeZone browser protects your privacy and data. It blocks disturbing ads and releases with Avast Password’s browser app pre-installed. On top of that, it isolates browsing sessions and offers you a much safer and more private browsing experience than a standard browser.

It’s a complicated task to secure your system, but with the help of simple yet intuitive UI of Avast you can easily protect your PC.

  1. Safeguard Your System and Home Router with Avast 2017

Avast 2017 combines the best abilities of both Avast and AVG. Avast threat detection network is one of the largest networks in the world having more than 400mn endpoints that act as sensors to find and neutralize threats in real time.

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Avast 2017: New Features to Protect You from Ransomware and Cyberthreats
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Avast 2017: New Features to Protect You from Ransomware and Cyberthreats
Avast 2017 is designed to combat the most rampant threats like ransomware and cyber threats. It protects your system against unsecured IoT home devices.
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