Mobile Productivity Apps
20 Mobile Productivity Apps to Get You through Your Day

We take our cell phones everywhere we go, and with dominant smartphone processors and LTE connectivity, they can be vital as personal assistants and productivity aids. In case you’re endeavoring to be more productive this year, adding some apps to your smartphone can be a step in the right direction. From mobile office suites to timers, to-do lists, and calendars, here’re the top-rated mobile productivity apps that will make your device your best asset for refining your work-life balance. Let’s review the apps that stand alone at the top of the pantheon.

Mobile Productivity Apps


Mobile Productivity Apps - app is the perfect app for those who are always on the go. It keeps your schedule on track with notes, reminders, to-do lists, and facilitates you to share lists with and assign tasks to others. The app allows you to sync between desktop, phone, tablet, and web to keep your lists up to minute. Furthermore, you can add items to your task list just by speaking with its voice-entry feature. With so many features under the hood, shines like a jewel in the treasure of best iOS and Android apps 2017.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. WPS Office

Mobile Productivity Apps - WPS office

Formerly known as Kingsoft Office, WPS Office is one of the best productivity apps for mobile in 2017. The app provides an extensive support to a set of file formats such as doc, xls, ppt, etc. It is regarded as a full featured office suite to view and create documents. The tabbed document editing feature enables you to easily work on cross-reference multiple files. However, if you don’t want to clutter up your phone with such type of apps, you can use online document converters which allows you to convert files from one format to another.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Mobile Productivity Apps - Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of highly functional annotation app, which users rely on to view and sign their PDFs. With its sticky notes and drawing tools, you can comment on PDFs. You can highlight and mark up text using its annotation tools.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Microsoft Outlook

Mobile Productivity Apps - Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook app is a mobile productivity powerhouse, bringing your contacts, emails, calendars, and email attachments into easy reach. It has a built-in analytic engine that automatically surfaces important mails on the basis of your communications. You can use its quick swipe controls to easily triage your mail. It is one of the best mobile email apps that works with Office 365, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, and Exchange email accounts.

Platform: Android and iOS


Mobile Productivity Apps - app

One of the best mobile productivity apps for web conferencing and collaboration, is easy to set up and can be used from any device. It offers free unlimited video conferencing and screen sharing. There’s also a handy whiteboard feature that allows everyone to contribute ideas virtually.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. Simplenote

Mobile Productivity Apps - Simplenote

As its name implies, Simplenote is the one of the best Android and iOS apps that lets you write down your ideas, to-do, thoughts, and grocery list. The application comes with the backups and syncing feature on by default. It also supports file versioning, so you don’t have to regret the changes you’ve made. Best of all, it is free to use, so just check out for yourself.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Pocket

Mobile Productivity Apps - Pocket

Do you want to stay on top of news and other things posted by publishers online? If so, Pocket is just made for you. This free app allows you to save links to news pages, images, videos, and more which you can access later when you want. So, use the Pocket app and save this mobile productivity apps link so whenever you wish to boost your phone’s productivity, just come back to this article.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Google Drive

Mobile Productivity Apps - Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the little known Google tools that offers a full suite of word processing, presentation, and database applications. The best thing about the app is that it’s cloud-based, meaning that you can work on files and documents from almost any device – be it a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Slack

Mobile Productivity Apps - Slack

There are tons of mobile productivity apps available in the market for the communication purpose, but when it comes to keeping up to date with your in-work teams and colleagues, Slack is a no-brainer. It offers real-time messaging, allowing you to share files in one-to-one and group conversations. Renowned for its solid search and archiving capabilities, Slack provides integration with apps and services like Google Drive, Twitter, Dropbox, Asana, Zendesk, and more. You can even create and add custom emojis to Slack.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Buffer

Mobile Productivity Apps - Buffer

Deal with a dozen of social media feeds at work with Buffer. It is one of the best mobile productivity apps you can get for scheduling posts on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, posing no navigation issues. All you need to do is just link your company accounts to one mail and you’ll able to push out status updates and tweets in no time.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. SwiftKey

Mobile Productivity Apps - SwiftKey

If you find the default keyboard app on your device too cluttered, not configurable, or just plain ugly, Switch to SwiftKey. It is one of the best downloadable keyboard apps for Android and iOS which helps you boost your mobile productivity. Backed by a powerful word prediction engine, the app shows the next words and tweaks it as per the app opened on your mobile screen. You can customize SwiftKey to use it in the way you like the most.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Pushbullet

Mobile Productivity Apps - PushBullet

Pushbullet is yet another one of the mobile productivity apps that saves a lot of time while transferring text, images, articles, links, and more from mobile to your PC wirelessly. All you need to do is just download the app on your smartphone as well as on your PC. It also has the ability to mirror iOS and Android notifications on a computer, from where you can reply to mails, texts, delete mails, and even get notified about incoming calls and more.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Mobile Productivity Apps - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

The next one among our mobile productivity apps is for photography enthusiasts who want to apply some truly fine pro-level customizations on the images captured by your smartphone’s camera. With Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, you can customize brightness, color tint, auto tones, tones, and then some to capture better images and make them more appealing. Sharing your edited images directly via social apps is also possible.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Evernote

Mobile Productivity Apps - Evernote

Evernote has been around for a few years and now becomes one of the safest bets when it comes to using apps to boost the productivity of a device. It comes with a number of note-taking tools, allowing you to revamp the way you work on and organize your private and professional projects. The app enables you to write, analyze, and store your thoughts in the form of notebooks, to-do lists, and checklists. Besides, it syncs across all your devices, so you never have to worry about losing your valuable and important notes and documents.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Google Now Launcher

Mobile Productivity Apps - Google Now Launcher

Do you want to customize your smartphone? If yes, Google Now Launcher is the app for you. It is one of top-rated Android launchers that gives a full makeover to your phone, from tweaking the look and feel with different icons and themes to adding new functionality like smart folders and assistive search. It not only provides a full access to useful information such as distance from home to office in Google Maps, sports info, as well as breaking news info, but also provides an easy access to other Google services, perking up the overall productivity level on your smartphone. If you want to check launchers for your iPhone, check out our list of best launcher apps for iOS.

Platform: Android

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  1. Trello

Mobile Productivity Apps - Trello

Known as a highly customizable digital bulletin board, Trello enables you to set up anything ranging from tasks and to-do lists to notes. You can create lists which are dynamic containers that can be filled with cards. It even lets you share your created lists with your friends and family.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Dragon Dictation

Mobile Productivity Apps - Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a splendid voice recognition app that lets you quickly compose messages or take down notes, without having to type them using a small mobile keyboard. It just asks you to speak out loudly which you want to type and does the rest of the job on its own. You can even dictate status updates directly to your social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

Platform: iOS

  1. DocuSign

Mobile Productivity Apps - DocuSign

With more than 50mn users across the globe, DocuSign is one of the outstanding mobile productivity apps that provides the most secure way to sign your documents from your device. Known as the eSignature and digital transaction management app, it integrates with Soleforce, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and more, so you can gain quick signatures over any platform and share them across apps. On top of that, it is simple to use and requires no special aptitudes.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Box

Mobile Productivity Apps - Box

Box acts as a digital safe for your business’s private and sensitive information. With both Android and iOS apps, it enables you to access your information from anywhere. With a plethora of features such as tracking user activity, commenting and connecting with coworkers, and previewing over 100 types of files, Box helps you keep your team aligned with real-time access to important resources, ranking among the best mobile productivity apps 2017.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. DropTask

Mobile Productivity Apps - DropTask

When it comes to working on projects with the large team, things get pretty chaotic. Allocating tasks can end up taking forever, and soon everyone gets puzzled. The solution? DropTask. It includes a colorful and vibrant interface, delivering an enjoyable yet effective task management experience. You can invite up to 5 colleagues to work on tasks in real time. Like other mobile productivity apps, DropTask is cloud-based and syncs across devices, allowing you to manage large projects in a hassle-free manner.

Platform: Android and iOS

20 Mobile Productivity Apps to Get You through Your Day
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20 Mobile Productivity Apps to Get You through Your Day
From mobile office suites to timers, to-do lists, and calendars, here’re the top-rated mobile productivity apps that will make your device your best asset.
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