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7 Easy iPhone Video Tips To Make Your Videos Awesome

You’ve perhaps heard the saying, ‘the best camera is the one that’s with you’. In today’s world, the same can be said for smartphone cameras. As iPhone camera has gotten gradually better, it has become the most reliable tool for recording videos on the go. Even though it seems as easy as pie, taking pro-quality videos is a skill that’s hard to get right. Here, you’ll learn the key strategies to make your videos awesome using your iPhone camera. Let’s lift up the hood to explore the 7 easy iPhone video tips.

Best iPhone Video Tips

  1. Don’t Use Apple’s Stock Camera App

iPhone Video Tips - Don’t Use Apple’s Stock Camera App

Although it’s super easy to access from the lock screen, Apple’s stock iPhone camera app lacks some crucial controls required to shoot pro-quality videos. So, in order to record higher-quality videos with your iPhone camera, you should use a third-party app. We’ve tested several apps and found FilMiC Pro the best.

The app lets you shoot videos at higher bit rates, resulting in better visual quality. You can shift the focus from a person or object in the foreground to the background. Additionally, its peaking and zebra overlays enable you to double-check all your settings and ensure the object you wish to focus is as sharp as it can be.

  1. Stay Steady

iPhone Video Tips - Stay Steady

Do you want your videos not to come out blurred, distorted, or affected by ‘rolling shutter’? If so, then use the second trick among our easy iPhone video tips, i.e. keep your phone steady while shooting.

You can use a tripod to keep your smartphone still when recording a video. In case a stabilizer or tripod is too costly or not practical for you then rest your iPhone on other physical supports such as desks, tables, chairs, etc.

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  1. Avoid Zooming

iPhone Video Tips - Avoid Zooming

Never zoom while shooting videos. Not only does it ruin the quality as well as clarity of your videos, but it also pulls your viewers directly out of what they’re watching instead of letting them enjoy the visuals.

If you need to be closer to something while recording, move your iPhone camera physically closer. Thus, you can retain the quality of your videos and being closer will also result in developing depth of field.

  1. Good Lighting

iPhone Video Tips - Good Lighting

Lighting is one of the important factors to keep in mind if you want to make your videos awesome. Given that smartphone cameras have smaller image sensors and lenses, proper lighting has a huge impact on them. The lighting tip among our video tips for iPhone will help you shoot pro-quality videos.

Try as much as possible to record your videos in brightly lit areas. This will help evade unwanted shadows and grainy areas in your video. On the other hand, you must be careful not to point your phone’s camera straight at the bright light sources, which will cause unusable overexposed footage as well as lens flaring.

  1. Sound Matters As Much As the Video

iPhone Video Tips - Sound Matters As Much As the Video

A good video is a junk if it has poor sound quality. Alas! The built-in microphone is both low quality as well as improperly placed. It easily catches the wind and unnecessary noise that can completely ruin your videos. It is advisable to record videos at a quiet place or use an external microphone such as Rode SmartLav+ that will make a huge difference in sound quality.

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  1. Don’t Shoot Vertical Videos

iPhone Video Tips - Don't Shoot Vertical Videos

The next one among our iPhone video tips is for those who are habitual in shooting vertical videos and using third-party apps to rotate videos in iPhone. Some users hold their phones vertically while recording videos, resulting in large black bars on the sides. Hold your phone horizontally while shooting so that videos played back on other devices will look fine.

  1. Enhance Your Videos with Mobile Apps

iPhone Video Tips - Enhance Your Videos with Mobile Apps

You can use video editing apps that can help you make your videos much better and more interesting. You can cut, crop, trim, and rotate your videos. Also, you can add music, titles, apply effects, and more to make your videos attractive. In case you don’t want to clutter your iPhone with too many editing apps, you can make use of online video makers to get professional-quality videos from your smartphone.

Master the art of videography with your device by following our iPhone video tips. Try and practice them and you’ll start shooting pro-quality videos in no time!

7 Easy iPhone Video Tips To Make Your Videos Awesome
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7 Easy iPhone Video Tips To Make Your Videos Awesome
Here, you’ll learn the key strategies to make your videos awesome using your iPhone camera. Let’s lift up the hood to explore the 7 easy iPhone video tips.
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