Google Photos Vs iOS Photos Review
Google Photos Vs iOS Photos Review: 5 Reasons to Ditch Apple This Time

Google has introduced some incredible changes to its Google Photos app during its annual I/O developer conference in California. Given the level of dedication with which Google is making its products and services better everyday, is it high time for iOS users to switch to Google Photos? Well, if you are running confused then go through our Google Photos Vs iOS Photos review and you will be sure why you need to make the decision now.

After the search giant made a couple of interesting enhancements to its photos app, it has increased the gap between Google Photos and the stock iOS Photos app. Here in this Google Photos Vs iOS Photos review, you will get to know the 5 reasons why Google’s product seems better this time. You can also go through our Google Photos tips to become a master of photos.

Google Photos Vs iOS Photos Review: The Checklist

  1. Google Photos Vs iOS Photos Review – Unlimited Cloud Storage for Free

There are users who have been sincerely using Google Photos on iPhones ever since the company offered unlimited cloud storage. Of course, the photos get automatically resized if larger than 16mp, BUT…the shots snapped from iPhones are way below the limit anyway.

Apple’s iCloud storage offers only 5GB of free storage. That’s nowhere close to what users need. As a result, you got to pay for more storage but not in the case of Google Photos!

  1. Google Photos Vs iOS Photos Review – The Dedicated Photo Assistant

One of the biggest announcements at I/O conference is the arrival of Google Assistant on iPhone. Google already has its assistant, which isn’t a substitute for Siri. It offers collages, animations, and movies from your photos. Now, this is definitely something that amasses a lot of fun and something that iOS Photos app lacks at.

  1. Google Photos Vs iOS Photos Review – Suggested Sharing

Another new feature announced by Google is Suggested Sharing. Though the features won’t be rolling out until next week, yet all of them look promising. The feature helps you with sharing your best photos. The Google Photos app will use machine learning to pick your best photos, identify people in them, and suggest you whom to share those photos with.

  1. Google Photos Vs iOS Photos Review – Shared Libraries

It’s time to open your photo library in a new way. The forthcoming shared libraries feature by Google seems a fantastic way of sharing photos with the special person in your life. Using the feature, you will be able to share full access to your spouse to your photos or only photos of certain people or a certain date forward.

  1. Google Photos Vs iOS Photos Review – Photo Books

The feature has become very popular from the moment it was announced. Autopilot Photo Books feature turns your photos into physical, printed Photo Books. The Photos app on iOS and MacOS do not offer a seamless or dedicated way of putting photos from your library into a common photo book. Here’s where Google Photo Books outruns the race. The app will automatically pick your best shots from your albums and throw them accordingly into a book. Cool isn’t it!

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So now you know the main highlights of the updated Google Photos app. Guess you won’t have to think twice now before switching from iOS Photos to Google Photos.

What do you think of the new features that Google announced? Let us know your feedback in comments below.

Google Photos Vs iOS Photos Review: 5 Reasons to Ditch Apple This Time
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Google Photos Vs iOS Photos Review: 5 Reasons to Ditch Apple This Time
We have brought this Google Photos Vs iOS Photos review to show you the 5 main reasons to switch your photo app. Continue reading to know more.
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