Google Launches Photo Books
Google Launches Photo Books and Other Updates to Google Photos

As the I/O developer conference kick-started, everyone is waiting for some new announcements. As a part of its latest attempt to make Google Photos better, Google launches Photo Books, a feature that will make handling your photos easier than before.

Until now, it used to take hours and even days in putting images from Google Photos app into albums. But as Google launches Photo Books, has made the process easier and quicker. The feature is currently available as a desktop version. The company said it will roll out Photo Books for smartphones in the coming week.

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Anil Sabharwal, Google’s Vice President for Product said in a statement that the way we take photos is changing. He further added that machine learning is helping in taking care of managing and sorting photos.

Google launches Photo Books on Wednesday during Google I/O, company’s annual three-day conference that offers insights and updates regarding its products and services. With Photo Books, users will be able to select their photos or let Google decide itself which images would look perfect from the existing albums.

With the update, the Google Photos app will identify your best photos and offer you them as physical, printed photo books. Great isn’t it!

Apart from Photo Books, the company also announced some additional sharing features to its photo app along with Google Lens. Google said that it will not only offer Photo Books but also integrate Google Lens into Google Photos.

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On the other side, Suggested Sharing seems a lot like a feature common in Facebook’s standalone private sharing app – Facebook Moments. The new feature will let Google Photos identify people from your Google Contacts in your photo and then give you a suggestion to share them with the people from the app itself.

You can also put the photos in either a hardcover or softcover book for just $9.99.

Stay tuned for more updates on Google I/O conference.

Google Launches Photo Books and Other Updates to Google Photos
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Google Launches Photo Books and Other Updates to Google Photos
Google launches Photo Books along with some additional updates to Google Photos app like integrated Google Lens and Sharing suggestions from the app itself.
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