Google Assistant for iOS
Google Assistant for iOS Might Be Coming Soon

The search engine giant is reportedly in plans to bring its digital assistant to the iPhone users. You read it right; Google Assistant for iOS is expected to be revealed sometime in near future. As Google I/O developer conference is kicking on Wednesday this week near the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, the Google Assistant app for iOS is rumored to get confirmed during the event.

For those who don’t know, Assistant is Google’s AI helper which has been designed and developed to rival other competitors in the market. The list comprises of Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa. For now, Google Assistant is available only for the Android smartphones. Latest phones like Google Pixel and other selected devices including Google Home come with the feature out-of-the-box.

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By introducing Google Assistant for iOS, Google seems trying to be trying to extend its power to the diverse ecosystem of iPhone users and ultimately add them to its own list. Not just a Google Assistant for iOS, the company is also planning to put Assistant in straight competition with Siri on Siri’s home turf.

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What may Google Assistant for iOS feature?

If rumors are to be believed, the Google Assistant app for iPhone and iPad will feature a dedicated chat interface, like Allo. It is also rumored to bring voice commands. Whatever the rumor mills may be, we just cannot expect the feature to be as flawless as firing up Siri.

Given that Google Assistant for iOS will be a third-party app this way; all interactions with the assistant are likely to take place within the app only. This means you would be required to launch the app first, instead of pressing a button or shouting a word

The details are still vague as the company hasn’t said anything regarding the iOS version of Google Assistant. Yet some sources claim that the app will be initially available only in the US at launch.

Google Assistant for iOS Might Be Coming Soon
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Google Assistant for iOS Might Be Coming Soon
Rumors reveal that Google Assistant for iOS might be coming soon. The company is expected to confirm the news at its developer conference this week.
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