Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Details
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Details: Rumors and Expected Features

After a not-so-happy and a pretty happy performance of the last two flagships by the company, namely Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S8, we are all about to taste some thrill with the all-new Galaxy Note 8. The smartphone giant is set to launch its next Android model this year and we know you are all excited to get every insight on Galaxy Note 8 details.

The upcoming large-screen phone is aimed at power users and we are telling you…it’s going to be really big! Not only by size but better than all models in the Note series. Before you get started with the Galaxy Note 8 details, take the time to know the reasons that make it big.The three reasons that make it most awaited and probably the huge flagship are:

The three reasons that make it most awaited and probably the huge flagship are:

  1. It’s the first model after the recall of Galaxy Note 7. Given that, it’s going to be a tough test for making a positive recovery after safe Galaxy S8.
  2. With Note 8 release, Samsung gets an opportunity to fix the S8’s major issue, the weird location of the fingerprint reader at the right of the camera lens. (According to sources, the fingerprint reader might be relocated at the center like Google Pixel, LG G6, and Huawei P10). The phone might also follow the dual-camera trend.
  3. It is expected to launch sometime near Apple’s 10th anniversary, where the company is about to launch iPhone 8. If so, the audience might enjoy a real battle between the high-end phones.

Well, these were the three reasons that make the Samsung’s latest phone huge. Now let’s have a look at Galaxy Note 8 details to get more idea about the phone. From rumors to expected features, we have included every nook and cranny about the new phone in this post. Enjoy.

  1. Eight-point battery test: Followed by the holes in the battery testing that led to Note 7 explosions, Samsung has instituted this improved safety checklist as a part of its revised testing strategies. Galaxy S8 also uses the same concept and every upcoming Samsung phone is expected to do the same. More in our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 details, the phone will boast a better, safer, and more innovative feature set.
  2. Bixby AI Assistant right out-of-the-box: Though not confirmed, but the company has stated that its Bixby digital assistant is a priority on Samsung smartphones and even on other devices. Samsung is planning to transform Bixby into a full-fledged ecosystem that is able to compete against Amazon’s Alexa, and other rivals like Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apple’s Siri.
  3. Pricey: Having a look at the Galaxy Note 8 details, the phone is expected to come with a high price tag. The assumed cost is around $850/£750/AU$1,349 (starting onwards). Any additional significant feature like a second camera might end up in a hiked price.
  4. An August-September Launch: The Note 8 details indicate a launch nearly in August or September this year. Over the last years, Samsung phones have shown up before iPhones, so one can expect the awaited Android between early August and late September.

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Here are some Galaxy Note 8 Details You Might be Interested In: Note 8 Rumors in a Nutshell

All curved Sides: The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might be a glass body with a curve on all sides, like Galaxy S8 (Fix: Troubleshoot Galaxy S8 Red Screen with Ease here).

A 6.4-inch Screen is most welcome: The new flagship might outrun Galaxy S8, which is the 6.2-inch screen. The figures are only rumored assumptions but might turn out to be real, given that the Note series have always been a bit larger than the other smartphones by the company.

A Pressure-Sensitive Screen: The Galaxy S8 was buzzed to have a pressure sensitive screen similar to Apple’s 3D Touch functionality debuted on iPhone 6S. The rumor is now passed on to Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Two Rear Cameras: We aren’t the only one who believes that this rumor among our Galaxy Note 8 details can be true. All have been thinking that Samsung is likely to make significant camera upgrades to its latest model – Note 8. A dual-camera mount might come out as the biggest major design change from the S8 series to Note 8, with stylus notwithstanding.

S Pen with an Inbuilt Speaker: Last but not the least in our Galaxy Note 8 details, we all have been waiting for the S Pen’s cap to offer something unique and really cool. Maybe erase once you flip it over or something more! Rumors suggest that the S Pen in upcoming Note model might contain a speaker. BETTER!

So these were some of the insights from our Galaxy Note 8 details regarding all the rumors, possibilities, and expectations from the upcoming Samsung’s flagship. Whether or not the phone manages to maintain the reputation of Samsung has the smartphone king is yet to be seen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Details: Rumors and Expected Features
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Details: Rumors and Expected Features
We have brought every pinch of Galaxy Note 8 details to make you familiar with Samsung's upcoming Note flagship. Read to know more.
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