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Top 10 Newest Firefox Extensions of 2017

Extensions are just like apps that you install to add bells and whistles to Firefox. You can grab Firefox extensions that check the weather, compare prices, listen to music, revolutionize the look of the browser, or even set your Facebook profile picture. Our post will cover the different types of the newest Firefox extensions available to turbocharge your browsing experience. By automating tasks, adding new ways to search for any info, and endowing more control over how websites are displayed, these add-ons will make the web browser faster and easier to use. Here is the SoftwareVilla pack for Mozilla Firefox:

First things first, if you don’t have the browser installed on your system, download Mozilla Firefox now!

Newest Firefox Extensions

  1. Growth Hacking Agency

Newest Firefox Extensions - Growth Hacking Agency

Let’s break down our list of the best and most useful Firefox extensions with the marketing add-on, namely Growth Hacking Agency. Developed by Alexeidos, the extension is specialized in the activation and acquisition processes. If you want to get more paying consumers to your website, it’s a sublime resource for you to add to your web browser.

  1. Swobbl

Newest Firefox Extensions - Swobbl

Do you want to set Swobble as your standard search engine? If so, install Swobbl add-on on your system. For those who are little unfamiliar, Swobbl is the secure search engine for Europe.

With this among the newest Firefox extensions 2017, Swobbl will be your home page on the browser, allowing you to search any info on the Internet faster than ever before. Best of all, Swobbl doesn’t store any user data such as search query, IP address, whereabouts, and more.

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  1. Kiosk Mode Touch Keyboard

Newest Firefox Extensions - Kiosk Mode Touch Keyboard

Optimize your Mozilla Firefox screen for a great touch experience with Kiosk Mode Touch Keyboard extension. It is one of the newest Firefox extensions that you can install to add a touch keyboard in your browser for kiosk mode displays.

When you run the browser in kiosk mode, the title bar, menus, status bar, and toolbar are not displayed and it runs in Full-Screen mode. The extension is compatible with Firefox version 57 and later.

  1. Save-Data: On

Newest Firefox Extensions - Save-Data: On

Save-Data: On is one of the must-have Firefox add-ons that automatically turn on data-savings mode at compatible websites. The add-on works by sending the ‘Save-Data: on’ HTTD header with every request. It is not a data compression proxy like the Data Saver option in Opera, Yendex, and Google Chrome.

  1. ListVideosOnPage

Newest Firefox Extensions - ListVideosOnPage

As the name implies, this latest extension for Firefox lists all videos found or requested on a web page. Right now it supports only MP4 file format. While you’re getting familiar with the newest Firefox extensions that will amplify your Internet browsing experience, there are umpteen of hidden features you may be missing until now. So, get familiar with them now by checking our post on 10 coolest Mozilla Firefox hidden features.

  1. Chlorine-piratebay

Newest Firefox Extensions - Chlorine-piratebay

In case you’re wretched of watching random pop-up ads in your Internet browser then your system is perhaps infected with an adware or a potentially unwanted program. You can block unwanted ads in your browser by installing any third-party software. However, such programs can lead to slow PC performance, freezes and crashes, together with surpassing your Internet speed. It seems Firefox comprehend this issue. That’s why it comes with a new extension namely Chlorine-piratebay.

Comes wrapped in a clean UI, Chlorine-piratebay not only blocks ads, but it also removes unnecessary banners and disables javascript. So, just install the add-on and enjoy a pleasant surfing experience with Firefox web browser.

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  1. YouTube Modern Dark Mode

Newest Firefox Extensions - YouTube Modern dark mode

With the latest update of YouTube, users can enable hidden dark mode to make the site’s layout easier on your eyes during night-time hours. Firefox also added a new extension dubbed YouTube Modern Dark Mode, allowing you to on or off it whenever you want. All you need to do is just install the add-on and click on it to enable or disable the dark mode.

  1. Audio Sleuth

Newest Firefox Extensions - Audio Sleuth

Another one among our newest Firefox extensions is Audio Sleuth. It adds extra playback controls to a YouTube video. Basically, it is intended to give musicians some audio sleuthing tools to learn songs by ear.

Audio Sleuth allows you to set start and stop time, use a delay before play, and much more. So, just install it and explore its features by yourself.

  1. Facebook Post Screenshot

Newest Firefox Extensions - Facebook Post Screenshot

This web extension allows you to save Facebook posts as images. Once you install it, Facebook Post Screenshot adds a new option in each post’s menu to save it as a screenshot. It saves larger posts into multiple images each at most 8192px long.

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  1. Niobium – Password Generator

Newest Firefox Extensions - Niobium

Niobium helps you generate a secure random password with just a couple of clicks. After generating a password, it copies it to the clipboard that you can post on a registration page. The password generator even lets you choose alphanumeric, alpha only, or most secure alphanumeric with symbols. The length of a password ranges from 8 to 32 characters.

Top 10 Newest Firefox Extensions of 2017
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Top 10 Newest Firefox Extensions of 2017
Extensions are just like apps that you install to add bells and whistles to Firefox. You can grab Firefox extensions that can even check the weather.
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