Secure Your Smartphone
How to Secure Your Smartphone from Hackers

With so many blood-curdling headlines about data breaches and ID theft hitting the news cycle, you’ve probably loaded your system with an antivirus software, installed a firewall, and created a solid password protection. Yet odds are you haven’t given much thought to how secure your smartphone is. Woefully, with an epidemic rise in technology, mobile phone hackers are also becoming smarter. Most people have become victims of crooks who hack their smartphones using special devices.

Even if you keep your smartphone secure in your purse or pocket, it’s still at the risk of leaking data to thieves. Hijackers don’t need physical access to your smartphone to infect it with malware or steal your private data. Whilst numerous users have fallen victim to having their cell phone hacked, you have the opportunity right now to secure your smartphone from such snoopers. Here’s how to secure smartphone from hackers:

Secure Your Smartphone from Hackers

  1. Keep the Phone Locked


When it comes to safeguarding your cell phone against snoopers, the first trick is always to keep your phone locked with a strong password or pattern. In case your phone has a fingerprint scanner, lock your phone using your fingerprint as it is known as the best method to secure your phone.

Make sure to enable your auto-lock function after a short period of inactivity. Security researchers have declared that it takes only 5 attempts to break Android pattern lock. If your phone provides you the option of a 6-digit password over a 4-digit one, then opt for that. The longer your password is, the more secure your smartphone is.

  1. Beware of Public Wi-Fi


Free public Wi-Fi is amazing as it helps you reduce mobile data usage on your smartphone. However, connecting to an open network isn’t that secure. When you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, it makes it ridiculously easy for hijackers to intercept and steal your confidential data.

However, you can stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks by choosing the network wisely. Another way to secure your smartphone from hackers is to use a virtual private network. VPNs encrypt your wireless session across a public network.

  1. Update the Operating System


If you see any pop up on your phone’s screen, letting you know that there’s an OS update, then don’t put it off. The newest updates typically include fixes for security issues found in the old operating system. The longer you wait, the sooner you’ll be hacker bait. So, update your iPhone or Android phone right now to secure your smartphone from snoopers.

  1. Read Permissions Carefully Before Installing Any App


Before you install apps on your smartphone, make a habit of reading its terms and permissions carefully. It has been seen that many apps access your phonebook and other private data after installation. So, it’s very important to read all terms, conditions, and app permissions before installing an app on your smartphone.

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  1. Use Your Phone’s Tracker Capability


If your handset includes tracker ability, then use it wisely as it helps you keep your phone hacking free. All you need to do is just enable the tracking function on your mobile.

Once enabled, you can see your device’s location on a map and track the phone when it moves. If you lose your handset, the tracking feature helps you get back your lost or stolen iPhone or Android device. By using the tracker app, you can lock your phone remotely. Doing so makes it harder for hijackers to access your personal or confidential data.

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