Google Ends Android Nougat Beta
Google Ends Android Nougat Beta: Android O Beta Coming Soon

Google’s Annual Developer Conference – Google I/O is round the corner and the company has surprisingly announced that the much-awaited Beta for its Android N version won’t be coming. According to sources, Google ends Android Nougat Beta and promises to soon launch Android O Beta with new capabilities.

In an update to the Android Beta site, Google stated,

“Thank you for your interest in the Android Beta Programme. The beta for Android Nougat has concluded, and all devices that were opted in have been updated to the current public version.”

The updated further added that the users still running the Android Nougat Beta version may download the latest OTA image for their respective device and even side load it. Doing so will not wipe out the device. Google said it will update the website as soon as the Android O Beta Programme begins.

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Until now, Google was rolling out Beta versions of Android N (versions 7.x) besides early Developer Preview versions of Android O. Just for knowledge, Android O is expected to be the next significant Android version. The tech giant has already rolled out an alpha version of Android O Developer Preview as a manual download.

The sad part is, many Pixel and Nexus users were eagerly waiting for the Android O Beta, given that the developer preview is meant for public use.

Although Google ends Android Nougat Beta, the company is expected to shed some light on Android O features and functionality during the upcoming conference in San Francisco this month. Android O is touted to introduce some significant improvements over battery life by bringing new limits on app background activity, finer-grainer controls for app notifications via Notification Channels and some changes to what WhatsApp can do in the background. New PiP features, platform support for auto-fill, and enhance keyboards navigation along with some other changes are also expected.

Google ends Android Nougat Beta without confirming any specific date for launching Android O Beta. Most likely, the company will open its registrations next week at the time of the conference.

Till then, the interested users with compatible devices can keep an eye on the Android Beta page. In the meantime, you can do more with your Android N Quick Switch Feature.

Google Ends Android Nougat Beta: Android O Beta Coming Soon
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Google Ends Android Nougat Beta: Android O Beta Coming Soon
Google ends Android Nougat Beta and promises to launch Android O Beta in replacement with some significant features and capabilities.
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