Features of Fingerprint Scanner
7 Features of Fingerprint Scanner in a Smartphone No One Knows About

Smartphones have taken the world by storm. Each day, new features and functions emerge, adding a significant level of usefulness to your smartphone experience. While there are many fresh and new features in the market, the most popular till now is the fingerprint scanner. You typically use it to unlock your phone but are you aware of its full potential? Here, we’ll show you 7 hidden features of fingerprint scanner in your smartphone that you probably don’t know about. Let’s get started:

Hidden Features of Fingerprint Scanner

  1. Lock Down Apps Selectively

Features of Fingerprint Scanner - Lock Down Apps Selectively

Generally, you limit access to your phone with your fingerprint, pattern, or passcode. You can even unlock your Android phone if you forgot the password or pattern lock, but it’s not the same case with the fingerprint process.

However, in some cases, there are multiple users using the same phone. In this scenario, you may want to keep your Photos, Emails, WhatsApp, and Calendar locked with a password while allowing access to other apps, games, Google search, and YouTube.

If your smartphone has a fingerprint scanner, you can lock the apps you want by using your fingerprint. AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock is the app that allows you to selectively choose which apps to lock and unlock by using the fingerprint scanner on your smartphone. With the app, you can even lock settings like WiFi, Bluetooth use, app installs, and phone calls.

  1. Authenticate Google Play Purchases

Features of Fingerprint Scanner - Authenticate Google Play Purchases

With fingerprint sensor on your smartphone, you can authenticate Google Play purchases. It is one of the best features of fingerprint scanner that allows you to easily make the app purchases.

You can download free Android apps even before they’re officially launched, but when it comes to paid app, Google prompts you for your password just to make sure that it’s actually you making the purchase.

If no one else uses your smartphone, you can make this step faster. All you need to do is just open Play Store and go to the Settings by tapping on the three horizontal lines. Then, check the box that reads finger authentication. In case you already have a stored fingerprint on your phone, you can just place your finger to complete the transaction.

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  1. Your Private Journal

Features of Fingerprint Scanner - Your Private Journal

Do you remember old diaries with physical locks on the side? Well, in today’s world, Journey app plays the same role as that of the diary. The app lets you make entries in your journal and have them synced across your all devices using the cloud.

Fingerprint scanner in your smartphone allows you to lock the app by using your fingerprint. It looks great as it adds a lot of digital flourishes to your entries: geo-tags, weather, and social media options.

  1. Show Selective Photos from Gallery

Features of Fingerprint Scanner - Show Selective Photos from Gallery

Do you just hate it when you give your mobile to someone to show a photo and he/she starts swiping through all the pictures in your gallery? If yes, then you can use one of the hidden features of fingerprint scanner in your smartphone to show only the photos you want. If you use Google Photos app on your device, you can check out Google Photos tips to manage your media files in a convenient manner.

Solo Photo app lets you select a bunch of photos that you want to show to others. You can lock the remaining photos with your fingerprint. In this way, you can safely hand over your phone to your friend who will only be able to view the pictures you’ve allowed.

  1. Keep Your Passwords Secure

Features of Fingerprint Scanner - Keep Your Passwords Secure

If you have different passwords for different accounts, then you should have password vaults on your phone to protect an unauthorized access to these passwords. Basically, a password vault acts as a safe and sound place to keep all your passwords protected by a single and master password.

In case you use LastPass app, one of the most popular password managers, then you can use your fingerprint as the master password to safeguard all your passwords.

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  1. Fingerprint as Gestures

Features of Fingerprint Scanner - Fingerprint as Gestures

If you own Google Pixel smartphone, you can use fingerprint scanner as your gesture to swipe down the notification shade. In a similar manner, you can use the fingerprint as gestures on any Android device. It is one of the best features of fingerprint scanner that you can use to set your own gestures on your phone.

You can use Fingerprint Gestures app to store your fingerprint to initiate certain actions. With the gestures, you can open an app, enable the torch, open notifications, control music playback, customize ringing modes, and much more. However, some of the gestures only work on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and later.

  1. Fingerprint as a Camera Shutter

Features of Fingerprint Scanner - Fingerprint as a Camera Shutter

On Xiaomi smartphone, you can take photos using your fingerprint scanner. In case you don’t have a Xiaomi phone, you don’t have to feel down. You can use Dactyl – Fingerprint Camera app which will cost you around Rs. 130 after 10 usages. After installing the app, you have to just tap on the fingerprint scanner to capture a photo instead of tapping on the screen.

7 Features of Fingerprint Scanner in a Smartphone No One Knows About
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7 Features of Fingerprint Scanner in a Smartphone No One Knows About
Here, we’ll show you 7 hidden features of fingerprint scanner in your smartphone that no one knows about. Let’s get started:
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