ShowMyPC Review
ShowMyPC Review: Best Remote PC Access Software

ShowMyPC is one of the feature-rich remote PC access software around. It offers a plenty of conferencing features, allowing you to share and control desktops. However, to take your desktop sharing experience to new heights, it’s worth getting familiar with all the features that the networking tool boasts of. Here in this ShowMyPC review, we’ll unveil every hidden detail about it. Let’s begin:

ShowMyPC Review

  1. Overview

ShowMyPC Review - Overview

Available as a free and open-source program, the Windows software lets you view and access another PC, screen, or desktop. The networking tool comes handy when multiple users need to see the same thing.

ShowMyPC comes with almost all necessary features that one would need to manage systems via the Internet. The remote control software relies on SSH port forwarding. Furthermore, it enables you to configure private and proxy servers to enhance your security.

If you don’t have the software installed on your system yet, download ShowMyPC for Windows now.

  1. Installation Process

The next point we’re going to cover in our ShowMyPC review is the installation process, which is quite different from the similar remote desktops. It requires administrator and client to access ShowMyPC’s official website. Afterward, download the server on the system you want to access remotely. You can then download the viewer or access it from the ShowMyPC site.

  1. Features

ShowMyPC Review - Features

Once you download the software, the latest version of ShowMyPC allows you to remotely control the processes and services on a remote PC using any web browser.

ShowMyPC features a helpdesk system that lets you manage your support requests. It is meant for online collaboration, desktop sharing, and remote PC access. You can use your SSH server or its hosting plans to access your system remotely.

ShowMyPC includes a broadcasting feature that you can use to train or show a product demo and schedule online meetings or web conferences with remote colleagues. You can easily control, manage, and even print files placed on a remote PC.

Another feature of the Windows software is ‘Reconnect on Reboot’ that helps you in support session if you want to reboot and reconnect a remote PC. It’s an outstanding solution for home as well as business users to access their computer any time and receive remote support.

Withal, ShowMyPC for Windows has a chat feature available for IT technicians and telecommuters to communicate when both parties are signed in.

The program’s standout feature is its ability to record a session. The feature is really useful for times when you want to have a ‘paper trail’ of the work you did on a PC or if you need to have a recording of the session to refer to later.

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The Boons

  • Comes with a searchable FAQs, user guides, and some basic videos
  • Phone and chat support is available
  • Outstanding location tracking feature
  • Real-time information on meeting attendees count
  • Lets you take screenshots and host and join scheduled meetings

The Banes

  • File transfer procedure is bit outdated
  • Chat session is available only in premium plans
  • Non-intuitive user interface

The Verdict

Taking all things into consideration which we’ve discussed in our ShowMyPC review, it can be said that the tool has some really useful features that aren’t found in every remote access software. However, its slow speeds and non-intuitive interface make it a somewhat challenge to use. Overall, its affordability and tons of features make it worth to consider.

ShowMyPC Review Best Remote PC Access Software
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ShowMyPC Review Best Remote PC Access Software
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