6 Essential Apps for Android: Non-Trivial List of Must-Use Apps
6 Essential Apps for Android: Non-Trivial List of Must-Use Apps

The Google Play Store has exploded with a proliferation of apps that can cater to your every need. With so many options around, it’s quite a daunting task to find the essential apps for Android, the ones that truly enrich your experience in a meaningful way. Fret not, as we’ll guide you through the chaos of the Google Play Store by listing the best Android apps 2017 that’ll make your phone really smart.

In our non-trivial list of must-use Android apps, we’ve curated the essential apps for Android whether you’re looking for a cleaning app, photo management app or a battery saving app. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details of the list:

Essential Apps for Android

1. Clean Master


Clean Master is a fantastic app that removes junk files to free up storage space and enhance your phone’s speed and overall performance. It provides your smartphone a strong protection with several functions such as AppLock and Antivirus. By scanning and removing viruses, the cleaning app for Android safeguards your handset from safety issues and privacy disclosure.

If your device overheats, you can use its Device Cooler that removes the apps which are using too much CPU resources as well as draining your battery. There’s also an App Manager to help you detect and uninstall unnecessary bloatware.

On top of that, clean master app includes an antivirus feature that scans your device on demand for malware-infected files and vulnerabilities. Overall, it’s one of the essential apps for Android smartphone to keep it clean and junk-free.

2. AirDroid


Want to transfer files between Android phone and computer without a cable? AirDroid app among our must-have Android apps is just made for you. Once you connect your system to your Android device via this app, you can use the web interface to view your media files, move or delete files on your phone, and take screenshots.

Apart from this, the app comes with a ton of amazing features such as sharing a clipboard between your phone and system, texting from your computer, backing up almost everything on your device, and much more. In order to know about how to use AirDroid app, visit our Complete guide to access your Android via PC.

3. Battery Doctor


Are you sick of your phone’s ever draining battery? Switch to Battery Doctor app among our best free Android apps. It is a battery saver app that claims to boost the battery backup up to 50%.

The application shows you which apps or services are draining your phone’s battery and help you limit their access and further draining. Along with providing some tweaks for regulated charging, Battery Doctor app allows you to quickly look up battery charge status.

With so many features ranging from its quick toggle power-hogging settings to its widgets such as WiFi, brightness, and Bluetooth, Battery Doctor app can be termed as one of the best mobile battery apps 2017.

4. App2SD


If you want to move your apps from internal memory to SD card, then App2SD app helps you get the job done easily. It is one of the best Android app managers that shows you a list of all the installed apps as well as system apps. Once you found the apps you seldom use, you can move them to your SD card to save internal storage space on your phone.

It lets you sort apps on the basis of total size, cache size, name, last update time, etc. You can also use the app to clear cache to get more free space in your phone memory. There’s even a search feature to search for apps if your apps list is very long.

Using this one of the best Android apps, you can install apps in batch and share apps with your friends. Best of all, it doesn’t require root and is available for free, so you can check out it for yourself.

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5. QuickPic Gallery


The next one in our list of essential apps for Android is QuickPic Gallery app. It is one of the best free photo management apps that supports almost all formats of images and videos. The app lets you upload your pictures to several cloud services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Flickr, and Dropbox.

You can also lock your private photos and videos with a password. Along with multiple media support, it has an in-built photo editor that you can use to edit your images as per your likings. If you want a fast yet lightweight gallery app for your phone, then QuickPic Gallery is the ultimate choice for you.

6. DiskUsage App


DiskUsage app provides you a bird’s eye view of what’s stored where and points you in the right direction. It is one of the essential apps for Android that scans your device and shows a visual block-based folder structure.

Once you launch the app, it scans your phone’s internal memory and SD card, and displays statistics of storage space in a chart. Each file or directory is represented by a rectangular bar. The larger the space occupied by the file or directory, the larger the bar will be.

The app comes with a user-friendly interface, posing no navigation issues. Moreover, it provides integration with OI File Manager and Astro.

6 Essential Apps for Android: Non-Trivial List of Must-Use Apps
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6 Essential Apps for Android: Non-Trivial List of Must-Use Apps
In this article, we've listed 6 essential apps for Android to guide you through the chaos of the Google Play Store. Let’s review them one by one:
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