Windows 10 Creators Update: 11 Best New Features Coming in 2017
Windows 10 Creators Update: 11 Best New Features Coming in 2017

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Creators Update, which brings with it several nuts-and-bolts productivity enhancements. Like other updates to Windows 10, it’s available to download for free.

Though the previous Anniversary Update incorporated more significant features, the Creators Update includes some small yet welcome additions. In this post, we’ve outlined all the prominent changes in the Microsoft Windows 10 update 2017. Let’s take a glimpse:

Best New Features in Windows 10 Creators Update

1. Paint 3D


The new Paint 3D app is the most powerful example of what the latest update has to offer to its creative users. With the newest version of Windows 10, the classic paint application gets a major 21st-century overhaul. Now you can draw your paintings in a three-dimensional space in Windows 10.

2. Game Mode


If you’re a kind of person who prefers to spend time jumping off the cliffs in Forza Motorsport3, then this is just made for you. Game mode is one of the top Windows 10 features 2017 that helps the gaming community seek benefits from the latest version’s advancements.

What’s more, Microsoft has also integrated Beam into the Game Bar, allowing you to stream your gameplay and interact with other gamers in real-time. Beam is the fastest streaming service, making multi-player sessions naturally live.

3. Night Light


Lessen the blue light emanated from your screen at night with the new Windows 10 Creators Update. You can turn the Night Light mode on when you want to browse in the late night or reading an eBook on your system in dark.

Moreover, you can schedule this mode to start and end according to a preset time. It even provides you an option to alter the color temperature via a slider.

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4. Picture-in-Picture


This new feature comes handy when you want to watch your favorite movie while doing your work. Microsoft added the picture-in-picture support to its Universal Windows Apps.

For now, the built-in Movies & TV app and Skype app feature this new mode. The company said that third-party apps will be able to include the feature in future.

5. Improved Microsoft Edge Web Browser


Windows 10 Creators Update comes with an enhanced Microsoft Edge browser. Now, its New Tab feature makes it easier to preview open windows.

It comes with a new reading list feature that allows you to save and read eBooks in the web browser with great ease. You can quickly find, manage, and open tabs you set aside without leaving the page you’re on.

6. Dynamic Lock


Known internally at Microsoft as ‘Windows Goodbye’, Dynamic Lock allows your Windows 10 PC to automatically lock when you’re away from it. You can pair your smartwatch, smartphone, fitness tracker, and other Bluetooth devices to your PC. Your PC will sense once the Bluetooth connection is too far away and lock your system automatically.

7. Start Menu Folders


The Start Menu has come a long way since its debut. In addition to the many ways you can already customize Windows 10 Start Menu, you now have the option to hide tiles and create folders for getting a quicker access to your programs.

This feature has been available in the Windows mobile version for a long time and now it’s finally on the desktop version with Windows 10 Creators Update.

8. Windows Defender Security Center


Windows Defender Security Center offers a single dashboard display, allowing you to control your security options from one convenient place – everything ranging from antivirus and firewall protection to security controls for your apps and browser. In simple words, the Windows 10 Creators Update hosts an integrated and one-stop-shop to manage the security of your computer.

9. Cortana Setup


If you install Windows 10 Creators Update on your PC, then you’ll notice that Cortana shows you a guide through the setup process. Cortana will make use of your microphone as well as speakers to listen to commands, including setting up a keyboard layout and WiFi network. You can also use Cortana to keep reminders from your emails. If you want to use Cortana in Edge browser, then you can do so by following the steps given in our tutorial on How to use Cortana in Microsoft Edge.

10. Windows Mixed Reality


Mixed Reality consolidates the thrill of virtual reality and augmented reality with holographic computing. You can see the ‘Mixed Reality’ icon on the main page of the Settings app. There’s also a new ‘Mixed Reality Portal’ application included in the Windows 10 Creators Update. It provides a demo of all the top mixed reality features of Windows 10.

11. Personalization Options


Customizing your system the way you like – is the most important aspect of the Windows 10 experience. Besides its expanded color options, a new themes interface has been added to the Personalization section. Themes now work like Edge extensions, letting you download and install them from Windows Store too.

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With this Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft reportedly wants to make Windows more of a service than a standalone operating system. As its name suggests, the Creators update is aimed towards adding features that can assist those who’re in the creative field, predominantly artists. It seems to be an attempt to make the Windows platform equally compelling as that of MacOS for those who’re looking to do a galore of creative work on their PCs.

Windows 10 Creators Update: 11 Best New Features Coming in 2017
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Windows 10 Creators Update: 11 Best New Features Coming in 2017
In this post, we’ve outlined all the prominent changes in the Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update 2017. Let’s take a glimpse:
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