How to Make a Private Twitter Account  
How to Make a Private Twitter Account  

Twitter is a fun and an easy way to share your activities and thoughts with your dear and near ones. However, the default setting for your regular tweets is public, meaning that anyone can see your images, tweets, videos, and other posts. If you don’t want your tweets to be shared publicly, you can make a private Twitter account.

When you make your Twitter account private, it’ll display a lock icon to users who don’t follow you. Moreover, if you change your account from Public to Protected, all your previous tweets become protected, too.

Don’t know how to make Twitter account private? Fret not as in this article, we’ll explore how to protect Twitter account so that only those you approve can see your posts. Let’s take a glimpse:

Make a Private Twitter Account

1. Log in to your Twitter account and head over to the Settings page. You can get there by tapping on the small circular profile picture icon in the top-right corner and then tapping on the Settings and Privacy option


2. Once you’re on the Settings page, tap on the Security and Privacy button


3. Now, check the box next to the Protect My Tweets


4. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on the blue Save Changes button to make a private Twitter account


5. Finally, re-enter your Twitter password and tap on the Save Changes button once again


If you’ve followed the above steps correctly, you’ll notice that a lock icon appears next to your profile name.

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How to Approve New Followers

With a private Twitter account, new people will not be able to follow you. Instead, they’ll need to send a Follow Request. You’ll be notified when you get such a request. To approve new followers, follow the steps below:

1. Just tap on the red button labeled View Now to see a list of all your Follow Requests


2. You can Accept or Decline them as you want


Making a private Twitter account changes the way you use the social media network. Now, it’s no longer a public discussion forum. It’s just a place for you and your followers. You can also connect your Twitter and Facebook account to share your tweets, updates, and other posts with your fb pals as well as Twitter followers simultaneously.

However, the only snag of making a private Twitter account is that if you reply to an account that isn’t following you, he/she will not be able to see your tweet.

How to Make a Private Twitter Account  
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How to Make a Private Twitter Account  
If you don’t want your tweets shared publicly, you can make a private Twitter account. To do so, simply follow the steps below.
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