Facebook wants to educate journalists
Facebook Wants to Educate Journalists on How to use Facebook

Tech giant, Facebook wants to educate journalists on how to better use services like Facebook and Instagram to gather and share news. For this purpose, the social media network has launched a free, three-course curriculum called the Facebook for Journalists Certificate – in collaboration with the Paynter Institute.

Facebook told that the new course will provide high-quality education and training opportunities to journalists. It will help them better understand how to use the company’s products and platforms to broadcast their news to a wider audience. Moreover, the course will be regularly updated to reflect new products, features, learnings, and case studies so that they can stay updated with new trends.

Facebook’s decision to launch this free course is a part of the ongoing Journalism Project, announced in January. The project aims to strengthen the social media network’s position as a suitable news distribution platform and to encounter the threat of fake news. Facebook had even launched a fake news auto removal tool to prevent such news from going viral.

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The Facebook for Journalists Certificate three-course curriculum will have three courses. Each course will be less than 10 minutes long. Once the curriculum is finished, 45 minutes long test will be conducted. Based on the score in the test, a certificate will be awarded.

According to us, Facebook’s decision to educate journalists about its products and trends is commendable. Not only this move will help journalists to broadcast their news to a large audience but they can also stay updated with the latest social media trends. Apart from this, the decision will also strengthen Facebook’s position as a reliable news distribution platform.

Anyways, what do you think about Facebook wants to educate journalists on how to use Facebook? Please let us know in comments. Your views will be appreciated.

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Facebook Wants to Educate Journalists on How to use Facebook
Facebook wants to Educate Journalists about using the social media network. For this, the company has launched a three-course curriculum.
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