How to Create Facebook Profile Videos
How to Create Facebook Profile Videos

Ever since the creation of Facebook Timeline, Profile videos have been the biggest update to fb profiles. Using this feature, you can replace your static profile picture with a 7-second looping video. Here, we’ll guide you step by step on how to create Facebook profile videos. Go forth and animate your fb profile to look different from others:

Along with the profile videos, users are also able to upload ‘temporary’ profile pictures that revert back to the previous picture after a set time period. If you don’t know how to do so, you can check out our post on How to set a temporary Facebook profile picture.

With Facebook’s overall emphasis on videos, profile videos have proven highly popular. You can create Facebook profile videos within Android and iOS app by just tapping on the video camera icon in the bottom-right corner of your DP. The support for GIF pictures is also available.

Now, without further discussion, let’s learn how to create Facebook profile videos. The steps are as follows:

Create Facebook Profile Videos

Step-1: Capture a Video


First of all, download the latest version of the Facebook app for Android or iOS and open your profile in the app.

On your fb profile picture, tap on the Edit button. Now, you’ll be presented with some options. Choose either Take a New Profile Video or Upload Video or Photo option.

Step-2: Preview Your Video


If you’ve selected the Take a New Profile Video option, you’ll be taken to your phone’s camera app. Just tap on the Red button to start recording. It’ll capture whatever’s on screen for 7 seconds after an initial 3-second countdown. The recorded video will play in a loop, allowing you to preview what it’ll look like on your home page. Once you’re done, tap on the Next button.

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Step-3: Choose a Thumbnail


You’ll now be able to select a thumbnail that’ll be used as the DP on your News Feed and Timeline. Only when people visit your profile page, they will be able to see your video profile.

Tap on the Save button and your video will be your new profile picture.

That was all about on how to create videos profile on Facebook. On iOS, you can trim videos longer than seven seconds to use them as Facebook profile videos. However, you can’t trim videos on Android so you have to choose a video having time duration less than 7 seconds.

How to Create Facebook Profile Videos
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How to Create Facebook Profile Videos
In this article, we'll show you how to create Facebook profile videos with ease. First of all, update your Facebook app to the latest version.
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