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How to Safely Download and Install Software on PC

Most of us prefer to download and install Software on PC from the web. The reasons behind this are quite simple: you can easily find the software you need, download it without paying any fee, and install the program as per your convenience. However, we all fail to pay attention towards the hidden dangers of malware that sneak in with such programs and our PC often gets affected.

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss some important things you need to keep in mind while you download and install software on PC so that it remains safe from malware or other kinds of cyber threats. Let’s begin:

Tips to safely download and install software on PC

1. Avoid installing programs from unsolicited links

This is the easiest thing you can do to avoid installing corrupt software on your PC.

While installing a new program, ensure that you download and install it from a trusted source – not from any unsolicited link. In simple words, avoid downloading anything from a link that you’ve received via an email, text, or personal message unless you completely trust the source. This will keep your PC safe from all kinds of cyber-threats.

2. Use curated software lists

There are many websites on the web that review software and categorize them on the basis of their efficiency. You can follow recommendations from these curated software lists to install reliable programs on your PC.

Look, someone has already done the hard work for you and figured out which software are the best. Now, you can use this free knowledge for your own good.

We have also curated many software lists. You can check them out!

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2. Know the difference between Freeware, Trialware, and Commercial Software

It’s important to know difference between Freeware, Trialware, and Commercial software before you install them on your PC. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Freeware: This means that the software is completely free to use

Trialware: The software is free to use for a limited time or a limited number of uses

Commercial Software: The software isn’t free at all. Instead, you have to pay a fee before using it

3. Free download doesn’t mean free software

Just because you can download a software for free doesn’t mean that it’s a freeware. Most companies promote their software as free to download. They use the term free download in all page titles and the software description pages, and you end up downloading them. However, during the time of use, you’re asked to pay a fee to use the program.

Of course, the downloading process is free but the software isn’t.

We know this is unethical but companies employ such practices in the hopes of generating revenue from people.

So, before you download and install software on PC, make sure to cross-check on different sources that whether it is completely free to use or not.

4. Don’t fall prey to download Advertisements

When you download PC software on the web, you might have seen giant DOWNLOAD buttons on the software download page. Stay away from them! They are download advertisements that trick you into believing that these are the buttons you need to click on to download the software and navigate you to a malware-ridden page. Yes, you get to download a file but it’s not something were expecting to download.

Check at least once where you’re clicking. The real download buttons are located closer to the file’s name, version number, and last update. Also, they’re small.

5. Avoid Installers and Download Managers

Most of the software download portals wrap the download files they serve inside special programs called installers. These programs are also called Potential unwanted programs (PUP) and have no other purpose than generating revenue for the software download website.

So, we recommend you to avoid downloading software from websites that use installers and download managers. Sometimes, it’s hard to find such websites but you can do some digging for your own good.

You can also consider our website Softwarevilla to install software without installers.

6. Choose custom installation

Last but not the least! Use custom installation method to download and install PC software. This will let you decide what permissions you want to give to the software before installing it. Also, you can back off anytime if you’re not comfortable with the installation.

Even if the method makes installation the process a little longer, it can prevent your PC from installing a malicious software.

Bonus Tips

  • Install a program only if you need it
  • Scan a file for malware before downloading it on your computer
  • Verify integrity of the downloaded file
How to Safely Download and Install Software on PC
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How to Safely Download and Install Software on PC
In this tutorial, we'll guide you on how to safely download and install software on your PC so that you can keep it safe from cyber threats.
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