12 Things to Look For in Antivirus Software 2017
12 Things to Look For in Antivirus Software 2017

With the market full of antivirus software 2017, it’s quite a daunting task to choose the perfect one for your system. Although most operating systems now come with virus removal tools, they can become outdated in no time. The standard and only way to keep potential threats at bay is to use a quality system security software. However, many users don’t know exactly what to look for, which is why they end up becoming victims of Trojans and other issues.

So, in a bid to appeal to computer owners, we’ve come up with a list of top 12 things to look for in antivirus software 2017. Let’s crawl deep into the list:

What to Look For in Antivirus Software 2017

Gone are the days when you’d install antivirus programs from only ‘the big two’ brands. In the old days, you either used McAfee antivirus or Norton antivirus. Anything else was denied.

Nowadays, there are so many antivirus choices in the security market. And if you’re looking for a completely free malware solution for your system, then the popular names include Avast Free Antivirus and AVG Antivirus Free.

Selecting the best one out of the available options may be one of the most important decisions you’ll be asked to make. All the software offer almost the same features and functions that further adds to the dilemma. Fret not as we’ll provide you 12 key factors to keep in mind as you ponder the numerous AV options. Let’s get familiar with them:

1. Real-time Scanner


One of the most important features of antivirus software 2017 is real-time scanner. It keeps a track of your network data and informs you when it suspects any malware entry in your system.

2. On-access Scanner


As it name implies, an on-access scanner scans files as they are opened or accessed to identify any malware.

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3. On-demand Scanner


With an on-demand scanner, you can perform a custom scan to a file, folder, or drive. You can check removable storage devices before copying your confidential data from those devices onto your computer.

Basically, the on-access and on-demand scanning does the same, i.e. scan your files. However, the only difference is that on-access scanner scans your files in real time while on-demand scanning is carried out manually by selecting the files and folders you want to scan.

4. Heuristic Scanner

Antivirus-Software-2017-Heuristic Scanner

Antivirus software 2017 typically come with a heuristic scanner as well. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, heuristic scanning is a method employed by AV programs to find previously unknown computer viruses as well as new variants of viruses.

If your antivirus program hosts a heuristic scanner, then there are chances that a computer virus is more likely to be caught before it has done any damage.

5. Compressed File Scanner


Some forms of malware may enter into your system as compressed files like a zip file. So, in order to shield your computer from any sort of damage, the antivirus software 2017 you’ve installed should include a compressed file scanner.

The better utilities may be capable of scanning many levels deep to detect any threat even if it’s buried within more than one compressed files.

6. Instant Messaging Protection


Many Trojan horses, worms, and other malware can now be evolved via instant messaging programs such as Google Talk and AIM Messenger. And you should choose an AV program which has an awesome instant messaging protection.

The software monitors all your instant messaging traffic to detect and block malicious threats. You can find more instant messengers by exploring SoftwareVilla’s Messaging section.

7. Scheduled Scans


Most of the available antivirus software 2017 provides the ability to create a scanning schedule for automatically performing a system scan.

However, some antivirus programs may limit what kind of scans can be scheduled. On the other hand, some flexible AV solutions let you run any sort of pre-configured or custom scan at the scheduled time.

8. Script Blocking


Script languages are commonly used to execute malicious code from websites. Many system security tools are able to examine ActiveX, Jave, and Visual Basic and other script files and then detect and block any suspicious activity.

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9. POP3 Email Scanning


The latest version of antivirus for PC that you installed should able to monitor all your incoming and outgoing POP3 email traffic. Aside from this, the Windows software is capable of monitoring the associated file attachments to detect and alert about virus or other malware threats.

10. Webmail Protection


Managing emails is one of the key parts of living in the digital era. And what’s better way to protect your important emails by using an antivirus program?

The best of the available antivirus software 2017 can monitor web-based email traffic, including Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail to identify and block malware in file attachments. In case you’re the one who often uses mobile for managing emails, then you can choose the best email client for you by checking our list of 10 best mobile email apps you need to check out.

11. Automatic Virus Update


With the hectic schedules in modern life, not everyone has the time to update an antivirus program regularly. So, it’s always advisable to choose the program that provides automatic updates.

Most antivirus software 2017 can be set to automatically connect with vendor site and download new updates when available. In this way, you can rest assured that your files and system are always protected from ever-evolving threats of the web.

12. Automatic Programs Update


An installed program or scan engine itself may sometimes be updated to add functionality to detect the newest malware. You can set your antivirus program to automatically check for new updates and download them if they’re available.

That was all you must look for in antivirus software 2017 before installing or purchasing them. If you still have any doubts, you can find the best one as per your needs by checking out top free antivirus tools for Windows.

12 Things to Look For in Antivirus Software 2017
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12 Things to Look For in Antivirus Software 2017
In a bid to appeal to computer owners, we’ve come up with a list of top 12 things to look for in antivirus software 2017. Let’s crawl deep into the list:
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