Facebook is Likely to Offer Free Version of Workplace
Facebook is Likely to Offer Free Version of Workplace

The social networking giant is releasing a free version of Workplace, its tool for the workforce to easily chat and collaborate with each other. Baptized ‘Workplace Standard’, the service will appear similar to the premium version but lack additional features such as administrator controls, monitoring tools, analytic tools, and more, according to the company.

Back in October, the social media giant unveiled Workplace – a paid enterprise collaboration and chat tool. Now the company has stated that it’s testing a new and free version of Workplace to expand its user base. The free tier will be known as Workplace Standard while the paid one will be called Workplace Premium.

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Simon Cross, the product manager of Facebook, said in an interview,

“We’re making Workplace work for more companies, so it’s a pretty big step for us.”

As per reports, Facebook offer Workplace to challenge its rival, Slack. Also, the move represents the social networking mogul’s most ambitious task, i.e. achieve a high-level of interest and adoption among small to medium-sized commerce. It makes sense since the market for enterprise productivity is immense and it may help Facebook broaden its revenue streams beyond just advertising.

The slack rival software is specially intended to use as an online office, with familiar Facebook features like group and news feed. However, it’s not linked to your personal account. The premium version starts at $3 per user for the first 1000 users, $2 per user for the next 9,000, and $1 each for everyone who joins later. Right now, companies using Workplace include Viacom, Starbucks, and Campbell’s.

Free Version of Workplace

The war for collaborative software supremacy has turned into a peculiarly-heated battle in Silicon Valley. Slack, released in 2013, is very popular in media and tech organizations. Also, it lets you add and create your own emojis. If you don’t know how to do so, you can visit our post on How to Add Custom Emojis to Slack. Last month, Microsoft also released its own workplace software across the globe, dubbed Microsoft Teams.

If you’re looking for a perfect tool for your office, you can choose the best one for you by exploring the most popular office tools. When asked about the rivalry, Simon Cross didn’t directly answer the question. He simply said that a free version of Workplace is something Facebook always wanted to do with its enterprise communication tool. He further added,

“Not every company is in a position to pay for enterprise or work software,” said Simon Cross, a Facebook product manager. “They want to just try it. They don’t want to necessarily commit.”

Facebook mentioned in a statement that it also wanted to make the software free to serve to the rising markets. The top market for fb Workplace is India, although the company turned down to share more specific user statistics for the country or any other emerging market.

Facebook is Likely to Offer Free Version of Workplace
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Facebook is Likely to Offer Free Version of Workplace
The social networking giant is releasing a free version of Workplace, its tool for workforce to chat and collaborate. It will be called Workplace Standard.
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