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Facebook Rocket Button Creates Suspense: Here’s What It’s For

If you’re using the Facebook mobile app, you might have spotted a mysterious rocket button in the news feed section. Don’t freak out as you’re not the only one who is seeing this mysterious Facebook Rocket button. Several other users have also claimed to see it but they know nothing about its purpose.

We did some research on the new rocket icon on FB and found that it’s an alternated version of the news feed. It displays popular posts from people who’re not your friend or pages that you haven’t liked. This way the new feature brings you more posts apart from the ones you have been already seeing.

Facebook Rocket icon

The new feature bears a close resemblance to the Explore tab on Instagram that works alongside the news feed of the app to help people read posts from people they don’t follow.

The new FB Rocket ship icon is a part of Facebook’s attempt to test new ways to deliver the homepage news feed. The social media giant wants to make your news feed more dynamic and interesting. So, it’s devising new ways to expand the content that reaches to you.

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The layout of the new Facebook feature may differ on the basis of which app you’re using. In Facebook for Android app, stories are displayed side-by-side in traditional style. On the other hand, iOS users are able to read the stories in smaller, magazine-style themes.

The new Facebook Rocket button has met with different reactions. While some people have admired the feature as it is bringing them more interesting stories to read, some are still confused about the actual Facebook Rocket features. If you ask us, we have kind of liked the feature as well.

Whether Facebook rolls out the new feature to the public or not, is still a mystery that hasn’t been uncovered yet. Hopefully, we will get to see the new feature rolling out to the public very soon.

We’ll inform you as soon as the new Facebook Rocket button goes live for the public. Just stay tuned with us!

Important Note: Facebook Rocket button has been rolled out to selected users only. So, there is a chance that you may or may not see it on your Facebook Mobile App.

Facebook Rocket Button Creates Suspense: Here’s What It’s For
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Facebook Rocket Button Creates Suspense: Here’s What It’s For
The mysterious Facebook Rocket button icon has created a new suspense. Several users have claimed to see it in the news feed section of its mobile app.
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