10 Best Free Video Compressors for Windows
10 Best Free Video Compressors for Windows

It’s always annoying to send a 500 MB size video to a friend or upload it to any video-sharing website, or post it on social networks. Large videos take too much time to download as well as to upload. And if you get an error after wasting a lot of time while uploading a larger video, then your hard work is all in vain. So, in order to save your time and work, we’ve come up with our top 10 best free video compressors to reduce the size of your videos without decreasing their quality. Let’s check out them one by one:

Free Video Compressors for Windows

1. HandBrake


Handbrake is probably one of the best free video compressors for Windows PC that supports almost all video formats. It can reduce the size of larger videos by preserving the original visual quality. Under the Output Settings, you can find various options to change other output parameters.

Available as an open-source multimedia application, the Windows software allows you to change the codec, video frame rate, optimization, and add/remove an audio track. You can download HandBrake to compress your larger video files, so that you can easily share them with your friends via social networks.

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2. Format Factory


Format Factory is an ultimate video compressor to compress videos ultrafast speed with zero quality loss. All you need to do is add a video or a folder containing videos to be compressed and then select the compression properties under Output Settings section.

You can also change video encoding, aspect ratio, audio attributes, bitrate, FPS, etc. and save the parameters. Once you’ve set the parameters, click on Start button to begin the compression process. The free video reducer not only compresses videos, but it also compresses and converts audios and images.

3. Avidemux


The next one in our list of the top 10 best video compressing software is Avidemux. It supports various formats, including DVD, MP4, MOV, PCM, RAW, DV, and AVI. In addition, the application also provides support for subtitles such as SSA, SUB, ASS, SRT, VobSub, to name a few.

Available as one of the free MP4 video compressors, it even comes with a calculator to customize the size of your output media file as per applied bitrate. The utility features a Bitrate Histogram and a range of frame tools to attain the best possible results. With so many features under the hood, Avidemux ranks among the outstanding free video compressors for Windows.

4. Free Video Compressor


Free Video Compressor is a lightweight tool to easily shrink your video clips. The multimedia application lets you select the desired audio quality and video size. You can choose from a range of 10% to 90% video compression, and different bit rates of audios.

The video compression software includes a scaling option that you can use to set height and width of a video. You can also trim a video according to your preferences.

5. Total Video Converter


It’s a feature-rich video compression tool that helps you reduce the size of your larger videos. Apart from compressing videos, the Windows software lets you convert any audio/video files from one format to another.

The tool is used for cropping, converting, as well as playing videos. It even allows you to burn your compressed videos into DVD, VCD, AVCHD, Blu-ray, and SCVD. So, next time when you unable to upload your large videos on social networks, remember to download Total Video Converter software among our top 10 free video compressors.

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6. Freemake Video Converter


This free video compressor has the ability to compress a video file into several desirable formats such as WMV, MKV, AVI, ROM, and DivX. You can also compress your files to formats which are compatible with various multimedia devices like Apple devices.

It lets you create simple visual presentations with photos and music. What’s more, the video compression tool automatically deletes black bars from your videos.

7. Any Video Converter


Are you looking for an all-in-one video software? If yes, then Any Video Converter among our free video compressors will be your first choice to edit your videos. You just need to add a video to it, select a device or format to convert your video, and finally select the compression parameters.

What’s more interesting in this compression tool is that it lets you add videos through URLs.

8. XMedia Recode


XMedia Recode is a multi-purpose multimedia tool that carries out video compression pretty easily. With the app, you can compress your videos while maintaining the same format, or changing it to another one.

It enables you to compress multiple video files at the same time. Other tools such as audio/video synchronization and video size limiter are also available.

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9. Windows Live Movie Maker


Another one in our list of the 10 best free video compressors is Windows Live Movie Maker. It boasts of an easy-to-use interface, posing no navigation issues. The process of video compression is pretty easy. All you need is to import a file into the program after launching it.

The quality of the compressed file will still be as high as the original one. You can even fasten up and slow down your videos as per your choice.

10. Miro Video Converter


Miro Video Converter is very helpful in compressing video files. You just need to drag or open a video and then select a suitable option from a number of compression options. Click on the Convert Now button to begin the compression process.

It supports drag-and-drop functionality. The video file shrinking program is also capable of playing downloads from YouTube, Amazon, podcasts, and BitTorrents.

10 Best Free Video Compressors for Windows
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10 Best Free Video Compressors for Windows
In this article, we've listed 10 best free video compressors to help you reduce the size of your larger videos without losing their original quality.
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