How to Use Google Now on Tap in Android Nougat
How to Use Google Now on Tap in Android Nougat

‘Google Now on Tap’ is known as a signature feature of Android Marshmallow that has revamped the way you use your smartphone. The feature puts Google’s search function front and center on your device’s home screen, allowing you to make use of its predictive powers for a host of content.

Fortunately, the search engine has continued to work on Now on Tap, and it’s still something worth checking out in Android Nougat. Now when you use this feature, Google not only scans your screen and offers relevant suggestions but also provides you links to the actions.

Here, we’ll discuss how to use Now on Tap in Android N. If you want to know about all the hidden features about Nougat, you can check out our 14 Best Android Nougat Tips and Tricks To Try Now.

By using this feature, you can get suggestions for a nearby restaurant, coffee shop, or even take a look at the weather report for an upcoming trip. If you’re looking to use Google Now in Android Nougat, then look no further than our article on how to use Google Now on Tap in Nougat. The steps are as follows:

Use Google Now on Tap in Android N

1. First of all, turn on Google Now feature on your phone by opening the Google app


2. Navigate to the Settings > Screen Search section


3. Enable Now on Tap by toggling the switch to the right to Activate Google Now


4. Now, you are ready to use Google Now on Tap in Android N. Press and hold the home button on your phone. Doing so will bring up recommended suggestions and actions for restaurants, coffee shops, and other venues


5. Swipe down the screen to view other options for bars, gas stations, ATMs, etc. You can swipe further to see other sorts of info like weather


6. Just touch one of the provided options to explore more. You’ll be presented with a list of local venues along with hours, distance, rating, and other information


7. You can use Google Now on Tap in many different ways. You can even use it as a conversation aide to get extra details about what’s being discussed


8. Swipe down to see all of the cards that have been created from the conversation. Tap on the Discover More option to see what else Google thinks you need to know about


9. In order to disable Google Now on Tap, launch the Google app, navigate to the Settings > Screen Search section, and finally toggle the top switch to the left


Presto! Now you know how to use Now on Tap on your phone running Android Nougat. Please note that you can access this feature on devices running Android Marshmallow and Nougat only. If you’re running a version prior to Marshmallow, you’ll not be able to use this feature at all.

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How to Use Google Now on Tap in Android Nougat
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How to Use Google Now on Tap in Android Nougat
In this post, we'll show you how to use Googe Now on Tap in Android Nougat. To use this feature, you have to turn on Google Now on your phone.
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