Facebook Town Hall Feature Goes Live to Help Users Connect to Lawmakers
Facebook Town Hall Feature Goes Live to Help Users Connect to Lawmakers

Earlier this month, Facebook Town Hall feature started rolling out to help users easily locate, follow, and contact their local, state, and federal government representatives. The social media giant confirmed today that the feature is now available to all US users via desktop and mobile.

As per reports, the Town Hall feature of fb includes News Feed integration and allows users to find state and federal representatives on the basis of their location. Users can either follow the listed officials for updates or contact them directly via their given phone number and address. Users are also able to contact lawmakers via Facebook Messenger if they are on Facebook.

Following the election in the previous year, the social networking mogul faced criticism due to the rampant spread of fake news on its platform. In order to identify and stop this, Facebook has patented a fake news auto removal tool. Now, the company is not only combating this issue, but it’s also working to help users become more informed and civically engaged with this new feature dubbed Town Hall.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, civic-minded features like Town Hall are becoming a bigger focus at his company. He wrote in a blog post,

“Building a civically-engaged community means building new tools to help people engage in a thoughtful and informed way. The starting point is knowing who represents you and how you can make your voice heard on the decisions that affect your life.”

Apart from state and federal officials, Facebook’s new Town Hall feature will also include local elected officials for the top 150 largest cities in the US.

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How to Use Facebook Town Hall Feature?

Facebook launched Town Hall feature along with the local election reminders to encourage users to vote in the state, country, and municipal elections.

1. You can access the Facebook Town Hall feature via the More menu on both desktop and mobile. Find the “Town Hall” tab in the Settings page or navigate to https://www.facebook.com/townhall.

Facebook Town Hall feature-Hall-feature

2. Enter your address to see which representatives are in your district.

Facebook Town Hall feature-enter-address

3. Now, you’ll see a list of local, state, and federal officials together with the options to follow them on Facebook or contact them

Facebook Town Hall feature-find-representatives

4. Facebook Town Hall Feature allows you to call and email elected officials. You can also send messages via Messenger.

Facebook Town Hall feature-Contact

Facebook New Town Hall Feature comes with the News Feed integration. If you choose to like or comment on a post by one of the elected officials, you’ll see a way to contact them after the post.

Facebook Town Hall feature

Facebook Town Hall feature has been around for a while as the company rolled it out as a test to a small number of users. Now that Facebook launch Town Hall and it is finally live today, it still remains to be seen that how much it will be put to use.

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Facebook Town Hall Feature Goes Live to Help Users Connect to Lawmakers
Facebook Town Hall feature is now available to all US users via desktop and mobile. It provides a list of all elected officials based on your location.
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