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Facebook Messenger Day: Everything About Newest Snapchat Stories Clone

After Instagram and WhatsApp, tech giant Facebook has introduced a new feature similar to Snapchat Stories to the Facebook Messenger App. Dubbed Facebook Messenger Day, the new feature allows you to capture and share photos and videos that remain available for 24 hours. After this, they will automatically disappear.

Facebook has already started rolling out the new feature globally to Android and iOS users. Now, people are quite excited to use it. That’s why we’ve come up with this post where we’ll detail everything you need to know about the new feature. Let’s begin:

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Everything you need to know about Facebook Messenger Day

When will you get the Facebook Messenger Day feature on your phone?

Facebook has already started rolling out Messenger Day to the Messenger app. However, it may take some time before the Snap Stories clone is finally available to you.

When you get the feature, the shutter button at the bottom of the app will turn into a sun icon. This way you can easily decide whether FB has added the Snapchat stories clone on your Facebook Messenger app or not.

How to view a friend’s Messenger Day post

How to view a friend’s Messenger Day post
Viewing a friend’s Messenger Day post is a lot similar to Snapchat. After activating the feature on your account, you’ll see a row of cards on the screen every time you launch the Messenger app.

Each friend using the Messenger Day feature will have a card. From there, you can select the one whose Messenger Day post you want to see.

You can skip a photo or video by tapping on the display. There is also an option to pause playback by leaving your finger on the screen.

In order to reply to a Messenger Day post, just tap on any of the text shortcuts at its bottom.

How to update your Messenger Day post

How to update your Messenger Day post
The easiest way to update your Messenger Day post is to tap on the shutter button, take pictures, and then share your post.

You can also add text, stickers, filters, or sketches to your photos before sharing them. However, you can’t change the time interval for which you want your photos to remain viewable.

Once you tap on the share button, the post will be automatically added to the Messenger day. There is also an option to send your post to your friends in a normal messenger conversation.

Who can see my Messenger Day?

Who can see my Messenger Day?
By default, your all Facebook friends can see your Messenger Day posts. However, you can change the setting. You just need to:

  • Tap on the More icon on your post
  • Select Every Except or Custom

While Every Except option will allow you to decide who you don’t want to show your post, Custom will let you pick people you want to share the post. You can decide accordingly and then save the changes.

Find out who is viewing your Messenger Day posts

When people will start viewing your Messenger Day posts, you’ll see a small circular icon in the bottom-right corner of your Facebook Messenger Day thumbnail. Just click on it and a list of people who have viewed your post will appear in front of you.

Facebook Messenger Day video length

Unlike Snapchat where the video length is 10-seconds, Facebook Messenger Day allows you to post 15-seconds long videos. These 5 seconds will give you enough time to crack another joke.

You can get away with screenshots

Unlike Snapchat stories, Facebook Messenger Day won’t reveal if you take a screenshot of a friend’s Messenger Day post. You can easily get away with them.

However, take care before sharing any intimate photos in your Messenger Day. There is no feature like Snapchat’s screenshot reporting tool on Facebook that can safeguard you.

That’s all you need to know about the Facebook Messenger Day. Now, you can easily use the new Snapchat clone within your FB Messenger.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Facebook Messenger Day: Everything About Newest Snapchat Stories Clone
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