make your online accounts secure
15 best ways to make your online accounts secure

At present, when digital frauds and scams have become so common, your security should be your primary concern. There are many people who’re eyeing on your privacy. They try every possible way to breach your confidentiality and gain access to your accounts. So you need to be careful as a little carelessness can result in a major loss and you can easily fall victim to such frauds and scams. That’s why it’s important to learn how to make your online accounts secure.

In this post, we’ll detail 15 simple yet efficient ways to make your online accounts secure and maintain your privacy on the Web. All the methods are simple yet very important for your account’s privacy. Read the list carefully.

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Make your online accounts secure in easy ways

1. Close the accounts that you’re not using

Close the accounts that you’re not using
Do you know what happens to the accounts you don’t use anymore? They often get hacked. These hacked accounts can lead the way to other accounts that are more important to you. So, we recommend you to close the accounts that you don’t use.

Doing so will have two significant advantages: First, your important accounts will remain secure. Second, you’ll have to remember fewer usernames and passwords.

2. Set up a password manager

Set up a password manager
An efficient password manager can help you effectively resolve the problem of remembering usernames and passwords. So, we recommend you to set up a password manager.

There are many password managers available in the market, such as 1Password and LastPass. You can select the one that efficiently meets your needs.

3. Add two-factor verification

Add two-factor verification
In order to make your online accounts more secure, you must enable two-factor verification to them. This will ensure that intruders don’t access your account, even if they have gained access to your username and password.

4. Check your Account activity

 Check your Account activity
Another way to secure your social accounts is keeping track of your account activity. Just check regularly to see from which devices you had accessed your Facebook and Google accounts. You can also decide to typically logout of all the sessions except the current one. There is also an option to revoke access from the devices that you don’t recognize.

5. Delete third-party connections

Some third-party apps often require you to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts with them. There is nothing wrong with this, but sometimes these apps can allow hackers to gain illegal access to your account. So, you should keep these connections to the minimum.

6. Keep your software updated

 Keep your software updated
Your accounts fall prey to cyber crimes because the software on your device is not up to date. You should keep your operating systems and browsers up to date. This will add more protection to your accounts.

7. Don’t trust anyone

At present time when scams and frauds are very common, you can afford to trust anyone except you. You should take care before accessing links without any context. Remember, cyber criminals have grown very smart these days. A little carelessness can result in a major loss.

8. Install a reliable antivirus program

 Install a reliable antivirus program
An antivirus program acts as a guardian to defend your device again cyber threats. That’s why you should install a reliable antivirus program.

9. Specify trusted contacts

Specify trusted contacts
In case someone has logged you out of your Facebook account, you can regain access with the help of your friends. So, we recommend you to add specific contacts to your Facebook account.

It’s very easy to set up the option. You just need to:

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Go to Settings > Security
  • Click on Your Trusted Contacts option
  • Now you’ll be prompted to select minimum 3 friends to add as your trusted contacts
  • Once you enter the names, click on Confirm option

When you’re locked out of your own fb account, your trusted contacts will receive a one-time passcode which you can use to regain access.

10. Frequently change your passwords

Frequently change your passwords
Keep changing your passwords regularly. This will make it difficult for the hacker to guess your password and gain access to your account.

11. Keep your email address secret

Keep your email address secret
Once a person gains access to your email account, it will be a lot easier for him to access your other accounts too. Unfortunately, it’s not difficult to know about your email addresses these days. So, we recommend you to keep your email address details secret.

Try to set up different email accounts for different purposes.

12. Keep track of your smartphone

We often use our cell phones to access online accounts. Normally, they prove much helpful as you can access your accounts anytime from anywhere. However, this poses a great risk when your phone gets misplaced or stolen. Intruders can easily gain access to your accounts.

That’s why you should keep track of your smartphone. You can track it with the help of GPS. There is also an option to remotely wipe your Android phone or iPhone. This will help you keep your accounts well protected.

13. Install a VPN

Install a VPN
Free Wi-Fi access is something you can never resist. However, there is a shady truth about these Wi-Fi networks. They are not well protected and act as a suitable platform for a hacker to steal your personal details. That’s why we advise you to install a reliable VPN service on your phone. This will add an extra layer of protection to your device and maintain your social media security.

14. Add PIN code protection

Add PIN code protection
Remember one thing! A strong PIN code is the only thing standing between the hackers and your online accounts. Once an intruder is able to crack the code, no one can prevent him from accessing your personal details. So add strong PIN code protection.

These days, devices are also coming with advanced features like Fingerprint scanning, retina scans, and voice protection. Use them! They are for your own good. This way you can make your online accounts secure.

15. Stay Informed

Stay Informed
The easiest way to make your online accounts secure is to stay informed with the latest trends. If you know about the latest threats, you can easily tackle them. So, ensure that you manage some time to read latest news and trends.

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That’s all we have in our list of 15 best ways to protect social accounts. For more such lists, stay tuned with us.

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