report fake news on Facebook
How to report fake news on Facebook

Fake news is one of the greatest threats that Facebook is facing these days. Some people are using the social media network to spread fake rumors for their own gain. These fake rumors not only cause inconvenience to users but also malign the social media giant’s reputation. In an attempt to resolve the issue of FB fake news, Facebook has launched a fake news filter called Disputed tag. The new feature will use non-partisan third-party tools like Snopes and Politifact to analyze and remove fake news from the social media.

However, the new feature will take some time to roll out worldwide. Meanwhile, there is a way you can report fake news to Facebook. You just need to follow some simple instructions mentioned below:

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Here’s how you can report fake news on Facebook

Step 1. When you stumble across any such post, just click on the v icon in its upper-right corner

Click on the V icon

Step 2. A drop-down list will appear in front of you. From there, click on Report post option


Step 3.  In the next window that appears in front of you, click on I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook option

Select I don't think it should be on Facebook

Step 4. A new window will appear, asking you What’s wrong with this post? Just select It’s a false news story from various options under the section


Step 5. Click on Continue button to proceed further

hide all posts from that page or person

You’ve successfully reported the fake news to Facebook. Now, they will decide what to do so that the story doesn’t spread further.

You also have options to hide all posts from that page or person, or to permanently block them. The choice is all yours.

Kudos! You have learned how to report fake news on Facebook. You can share this post with your friends to spread this useful information further. Remember, it’s not only Facebook’s duty to combat fake news but also yours. So take an initiative and join hands with the social media network in this war against rumor generators.

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How to report fake news on Facebook
In order to help you fight the threat of fake rumors, we'll guide you on how to report fake news on Facebook and prevent them from spreading further.
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