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Top 10 Tech YouTube Channels You Must Subscribe Right Now

Over the time, YouTube has seen a lot of improvement. Now, it’s no longer a website where you can watch some videos. Instead, it has become a one-stop-shop where you can access any kind of video content online: movies, TV shows, online tutorials, Gameplays, and other tech-related stuff. They are a plenty of YouTube channels that publish countless tech-related videos every day. In this post, we’ll discuss a list of such top 10 Tech YouTube channels. So, if you are interested in learning something about tech, you can subscribe to them right now.

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Top 10 Tech YouTube Channels

1. UnboxTherapy

With over 320K subscribers and 36 mn views, UnboxTherapy ranks as No. 1 in our list of top 10 tech YouTube channels. The YouTube channel publishes every kind of video content, ranging from unboxing of new gadgets and product reviews to the discussion about upcoming technologies.

They even post videos related to benchmark testing on mobile cameras and PC components.

2. TysiPhoneHelp

TysiPhoneHelp is specially intended for iPhone users. They post a myriad of videos related to Apple products like the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook Pro, and iMac. Apart from this, he also reviews products that may pose a strong competition to Apple.

Over 3mn users have subscribed to his channel.


CNETTV is the dedicated YouTube channel of popular tech news website CNET. They publish a variety of video content like tutorials, product reviews, latest tech news, and exclusive interviews of famous personalities.

The YouTube channel is quite notable for covering live events like MWC and CES in detail. Their videos are very informative.

4. LinusTechTips

Linus (founder of LinusTechTips) is well-known for publishing really informative video content related to PCs. He mainly posts brief videos related to computer hardware such as motherboards, PC casings, and small components like keyboards and earphones.

The most impressive thing about Linus is that he explains everything in detail. He even provides extra information about the product he is unboxing. You can also participate in his forum to get reliable answers to your queries.

5. LockerGnome

Chris Pirillo is one of the most experienced and wise YouTubers in the online tech community. He mainly posts vlogs and mini-reviews of latest gadgets on his YouTube channel, Locker Gnome.

One thing that impresses us the most about Chris Pirillo is his unbiased approach when he reviews the products. He openly talks about things or experiences he doesn’t like. That’s why his videos look very genuine.

6. MarquesBrownlee

Marques posts videos related to mobile hardware. He presents his own views related to new updates and gadgets, along with discussing their Pros and Cons.

Even if he posts fewer videos compared to other YouTube channels, his videos are quite informative and help viewers understand things better.

7. AndroidAuthority

As the name suggests, you can find a lot of informative videos related to Android on the YouTube channel. They post all kinds of stuff such as tech news, product unboxing, and product reviews.

AndroidAuthority also posts videos where they compare two popular Android devices from different manufacturers. This way you can decide which smartphone you must buy.

8. Tech Tomorrow

Tech Tomorrow
Eric is the host of Tech Tomorrow YouTube channel. He mainly posts brief reviews and unboxing videos related to PC components, smartphones, and other gadgets.

Eric’s style of unboxing new gadgets is quite funny and strange. He also makes witty comments in between to keep you entertained. He is also a talented musician. Perhaps that’s the reason his intro clips sound marvelous.

9. TechCrunch

Popular tech news website TechCrunch also owns a dedicated YouTube Channel. They mainly post videos related to latest tech related news or exclusive interviews. You can also find product reviews, features, and gadget demos on their YouTube channel.

10. PewDiePie

Felix Arvid Ulf Kleinberg (also known as PewDiePie) is one of the most picked Gaming YouTubers till date. He is well known for his let’s play videos that are mainly centered on horror-themed and flash games.

Felix’s funny expressions and the variety of content he offers has made him quite popular. Over 50mn people have subscribed to his channel.

Our list of top 10 tech YouTube channels ends here. Stay tuned for more updates!

Top 10 Tech YouTube Channels You Must Subscribe Right Now
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Top 10 Tech YouTube Channels You Must Subscribe Right Now
In this post, we'll discuss a list of top 10 tech YouTube channels that you must subscribe right now so that you can stay aware of new technology.
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