Turn iPhone into Google Phone
How to Turn Your iPhone into a Google Phone

Apple iPhones are well-known for their promising features and a secure operating system. However, they lack behind Android phones in many aspects. There are many default Android apps (Google Drive, Google Maps) that are way better than the default apps on iOS (iCloud, Apple Maps, iTunes). That’s why many iPhone users prefer to install third-party apps on their iPhone.

Now if you’re replacing your iPhone’s default apps with third-party tools, why don’t you replace them with Google apps? They work seamlessly on the iPhone platform. Google even updates these apps earlier than Android.

In this post, where we’ll guide you on how to install these Google Apps on iOS and turn your iPhone into a Google phone:

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Turn your iPhone into a Google Phone in simple steps

Step 1. Install Google Apps for iOS

Install Google Apps for iOS
This is the very first thing you need to do if you intend to turn your iPhone into a Google phone. You’ll need to look for suitable Google apps and services to replace the iOS apps installed on your iPhone.

Here are the apps you can install on your iPhone:

Google Chrome

This powerful web browser qualifies as one of the best alternatives for Safari browser. The utility is simple, easy to use, and is packed with some really promising features that will take your web browsing experience to completely new level.

Google Maps

Google Maps is better than Apple Maps in many aspects. It offers better navigation. Several other features like transit and cycling directions are also available in Google Maps.

Even if Apple Maps also features transit directions, they aren’t as accurate as Google Maps.


This powerful media streaming application needs no introduction. It allows you to access unlimited movies and TV shows online for free. You can also customize the app according to the way you want.

You can also stream your favorite music on the utility.

Google Allo

You can use this powerful messaging app to chat with your friends and peers. The utility even integrates a digital assistant that can help you with various tasks like making dinner plans or browse information on the web.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a better replacement for iCloud as it can work seamlessly across all the platforms. It also offers more storage space compare to Apple’s traditional cloud storage service. So, you can easily store important files without having to worry about memory storage.

The utility also has tools like Google Docs and Sheets to help you edit your documents online.

Google Photos

Google Photos App allows you to easily backup your photos and videos to the cloud. Moreover, it automatically tags your photos with relevant keywords like location, subjects, or the elements in the picture. This way you can easily find them later.

The utility also uses facial recognition technique to group your photos together.


Google’s official keyboard, Gboard is gathering a lot of popularity among users. The credit goes to its simple user interface and the top notch features (glide typing and built-in Google search) it offers.

The app also supports multilingual typing.

Google Calendar

The Google Calendar app allows you to schedule your events in advance. This way you can easily manage your day-to-day activities.

Google Play Newsstand

You can use Google Play Newsstand to stay aware of the things happening around you. Here, you can access all popular websites and media houses at one place. You can also subscribe to popular newspapers and digital magazines.


No list of Google Apps can be complete without Gmail. You can use the email to read your important emails on your iPhone. All thanks to its easy-to-use interface and brilliant features, the app is a better alternative for iOS mail apps like Airmail and Newton Mail.

Step 2. Dealing with default apps

 Dealing with default apps
Once you’ve installed relevant Google Apps on your iPhone, the next step is to take care of the default apps that come preinstalled. There are plenty of default apps for different services like messaging, music, web browser, etc. Unfortunately, you can’t delete them.

However, you can change your default apps in iOS. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go into each app’s settings and change the option for opening files, links, and other media content from Apple’s default apps to other Google apps

This way your files and links will be opened in Google apps. For example, if a friend sent you a link, it will be opened in Google Chrome. Similarly, a file attachment will be opened in Google Docs.

You can also copy all the default apps into a folder to free up space on your iPhone’s home-screen.

Step 3. Voice Commands

Yet another you’ll face when if you want to convert your Apple iPhone into a Google Phone is Siri support. The digital assistant only supports the Apple default apps. This means you can only use Siri to play music if you’re using the Apple Music app. You can’t even use Ok Google on an iPhone.

Overall, you’ll need to choose between Google’s top-notch apps and Apple’s excellent voice commands while switching from an iPhone to a Google phone.

Now, you’ve successfully come across on how to turn your iPhone into a Google phone. Enjoy the best features of both the worlds.

How to Turn Your iPhone into a Google Phone
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How to Turn Your iPhone into a Google Phone
You can easy turn your iPhone into a Google phone by installing some Google Apps. Our brief tutorial will guide you throughout the process.
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