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Happy Birthday WhatsApp: Everything you need to know about WhatsApp Status Feature

Do you know it’s WhatsApp’s 8th birthday today? Feb 24, 2009 was the day when two former Yahoo employees founded the social media service. Even since that time, the app has become an integral part of our lives. It has received many promising features and updates in the past. The latest entry in the list of these updates is the new WhatsApp Status feature. The new feature allows you to post your stories using photos and videos just like you do on Instagram and Snapchat.

In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the new WhatsApp feature.

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Here’s what you need to know about WhatsApp Status feature

1. How to know if I have an access to WhatsApp Status feature?

You’ll know if you’ve gained access to WhatsApp Status:

On iOS

  • When the Contacts tab gets replaced with a camera icon

On Android

  • When a new Camera icon will appear to the left of the Chats tab (next to the new Status tab)

2. Who can see my Status?

Who can see my Status
By default, only the people added in your contacts can view your Status. However, you can change that from the app’s privacy settings.

Here’s how to access privacy settings:

On Android

  • Tap the menu button > Status Privacy

On iOS

  • Select the Status tab on your iPhone and then tap on Privacy

In the privacy settings, you’re presented with three options:

  • My Contacts: All contacts can view your WhatsApp Status
  • My Contacts Except: Select people you don’t want to show your status
  • Only Share With: Share the WhatsApp status with specific contacts

You can select the option you’re most comfortable with and change your WhatsApp status settings.

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3. How to use WhatsApp Status feature?

How to use WhatsApp Status
In order to use WhatsApp Status feature:

  • Update your WhatsApp to the latest version from Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store
  • Launch the app on your device. You’ll see three options namely Chats, Status, and Calls
  • Click on Status and then Create status
  • Now, open your phone’s camera app to add a photo or video to your status. You can also add photos or videos from your phone’s gallery
  • Once your status is created, you can choose to share it with your contacts

The status will automatically disappear after 24 hours!

4. Find who’s viewing your status

WhatsApp also includes a view counter at the bottom of your screen. From here, you can check how many people have viewed your status. The app even displays a list of contacts who have seen your status.

5. Viewing WhatsApp Status of your Friend is quite similar to Snapchat

Those who’ve already using Instagram Stories or Snapchat will not find the feature much different. Here are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind:

  • You can view a Status uploaded by your friend from the Status tab. Just tap on it and a list of friends who’ve shared a status will appear
  • Touch the screen to pause a status, tap to skip through a status, or swipe left to switch to the next person
  • In order to reply to the WhatsApp status you’re viewing, just swipe up on it

6. Video length

Unlike Snapchat and Instagram that only allow you to post 10 second long videos, you can choose to share videos as long as 45 seconds in WhatsApp Status. You can also upload GIFs.

Happy Birthday WhatsApp: Everything you need to know about WhatsApp Status Feature
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Happy Birthday WhatsApp: Everything you need to know about WhatsApp Status Feature
In this post, we'll discuss everything you need to know about the WhatsApp Status Feature, recently launched by the company.
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