Automatically Save Snapchat Stories
How to Automatically Save Snapchat Stories

Snapchat has become the first choice and a go-to option for teens and millennials to stay in trend. The social media platform has expanded its reach to millions of users worldwide. The recently introduced feature of sharing your life in automatically disappearing photos has made it easy to go past your worse photos which may come back to freak you out during a job interview years later. Yet every person would love to cherish the mix moments personally. The best way to keep your Snapchat memories with you is to automatically save Snapchat Stories, but do you know how to do so?

Most of the times, photos are less incriminating and attached to a fun moment. When it’s like that, you surely don’t want to see them vanishing into the ether. The social network has made it possible to even secretly download Snapchat videos. Fortunately, you can automatically save Snapchat Stories and keep your mementos with you. This way, it’s only you who get to enjoy the memories and no one else gets your dodgy photos.

Interested in saving Stories in Snapchat? Read more to know how to automatically save Snapchat Stories.

Automatically save Snapchat Stories in 3 easy steps

    1. Open Snapchat app and swipe down on the camera icon

Open snapchat2. Tap on the gear icon and select Memories

Select memories3. Now just flip the Auto-save Stories toggle on. From the Save to menu, you can also select whether you prefer to automatically save Snapchat Stories in your Memories, or your Memories and your phone (recommended).

Automatically save Snapchat to memories and camera roll

And you are done! That’s all you need to do in order to automatically save Snapchat Stories. From now on, all your Stories will be automatically saved and you don’t have to worry about your photos disappearing.

Click here to if you are looking for a dedicated guide on using Snapchat lenses.

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How to Automatically Save Snapchat Stories
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How to Automatically Save Snapchat Stories
You probably did not know that you can automatically save Snapchat Stories to Memories or to Memories and camera roll. Read the guide to know more.
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