How to use emoji stickers in Snapchat videos
How to use emoji stickers in Snapchat videos

In the previous year, Snapchat announced its Bitmoji update that brought personalized stickers, allowing its users to have more fun while chatting to their friends and posting interesting Bitmojis. With these pinnable, resizable, and moveable emoji stickers, Snapchat videos just got a lot better. Do you want to try your hand on these new emoji stickers and not sure how to use them? We’ve got a simple tutorial to show you the best way to use emoji stickers in Snapchat videos.

Snapchat sensed you might be getting bored by using its face swap feature, so you can now use emoji stickers in Snapchat videos instead. With this new functionality, you can replace an actual cat’s face with a smirking kitty emoji in a video. It’s not a groundbreaking Snapchat change, but, of course, these subtle additions and iterations are making the app so addicting and fun to use.

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The feature works the same way as Snapchat selfie lenses, which automatically track your face and follow you in a frame. Using these emoji stickers, you can alter your and your friends’ face with zany animations.

To use emoji stickers in Snapchat videos, you need to have the latest version of the app installed on your device. Once you’ve updated your Snapchat app, follow the steps below:

Use emoji stickers in Snapchat videos

1. Launch Snapchat app on your device


2. Press and hold the Record button to shoot your video


3. Tap on the Add Sticker icon appearing at the top of the screen


4. Now, browse the available emoji section and tap on the emoji you want to add in your Snapchat video


Once you’ve selected an emoji sticker, it will appear on the top of your moving video. Press and hold the sticker until video pauses, then drag your sticker to the position you want to pin it. Pinch the screen to resize your emoji sticker.

Repeat the process to use multiple emoji stickers in your Snapchat video. You can share your videos with your friends or in Snapchat groups by tapping on the arrow icon in the corner of the screen. If you don’t know anything about Snapchat groups, you can check out our complete guide to using Snapchat groups so that you can easily share your creative videos with your Snapchat friends.

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How to use emoji stickers in Snapchat videos
In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use emoji stickers in Snapchat videos. First of all, install the latest version of the app on your device.
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