create a Media Library in VLC Player
How to create a Media Library in VLC Player

Did you know adding a song library to VLC is really easy? Well, if you have been planning to create a media library in VLC Player, then hop on our post for a complete guide.

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Using VLC Media Player to manage your music collection

As we all know, VLC is a popular media player that is able to play almost every audio and video format you want to enjoy and even convert videos to audios. The powerful multimedia tool comes to be a stellar alternative to the default Windows Media Player or even iTunes when it comes to managing your digital media files, playing YouTube videos, or to compressing large videos.

For those who aren’t well-versed with its feature-rich interface, it may take a while to get used to with the application. Given that, the way you are normally accustomed to might be different to the way you do the things in this audio/void player. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult as you can quickly create a media library in VLC Player.

So, if you wish to switch to VLC for your music collection then the first thing you’ll need to do is get the latest version of VLC and then set up your media library.

Once you’re done, now you are ready to proceed further.

Note: You can also use VLC as a screen recording tool.

Create a media library in VLC Player in 7 easy steps:

Now that you have successfully set up VLC on your system, it’s time to enjoy some music.

  1. Click on Media Library option in the left window.
  2. In most cases, you would have all of your music files stored in one folder on your PC or external drive. If so, you can easily add everything in one attempt. To do so, simply right-click on your mouse button anywhere on the main portion of the screen.
  3. Now select the Add Folder option.
  4. Navigate to the music folder location, single-click it with the left mouse button, and click on the Select Folder button.
  5. Now you would be able to see the selected folder in VLC media library.
  6. In case you have multiple folders containing the music you want to add, you would need to repeat the step mentioned from 2 to 5.
  7. It is possible to add single files too! All you need to take care of is just that instead of selecting to add a folder as mentioned in step 3, you need to select the option to add a file when you right-click on the main screen of the window

Bonus Tips:

Here are some additional VLC Player tips to help you get more out of the music application:

  • Once you have added files and folders, you can then navigate through the folders and sub-folders by simply double-clicking them.
  • You can also use the search box at the top of the screen to find a specific artist or song instantly.

If you are not familiar with the software yet, go through our VLC Media Player review for better understanding.

So, this was our guide on how to create a media library in VLC Player without messing with your head. If you liked the tutorial then give us a thumbs up on Facebook.

How to create a Media Library in VLC Player
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How to create a Media Library in VLC Player
You can easily create a media library in VLC Player using the step mentioned in our guide. Don't forget to first set up the player on your system.
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