Run Android on PC
List of 4 easy ways to run Android on PC

A few years back, running Android on PC seemed like a fantasy. You wouldn’t have imagined that someday you’ll be able to run Android apps and games on your computer. However, the concept is no longer a fantasy. It has become very much real now as you can easily run Android on PC. Still wondering how? Let’s make this simple for you and present a list of 4 easy ways to run Android on PC. You can go through the list and then choose the method which is most simple for you.

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Easy ways to run Android on PC

1. Bluestacks

Bluestacks is the simplest way to run Android on your PC. It is simple, easy to install, and is capable of running most Android apps on your computer. Also, the utility doesn’t replace the entire operating system. Instead, it lets you run apps within a program window.

Unlike other Android emulators, BlueStacks offers better speed and performance.

2. Official Android Emulator

Official Android Emulator
The official Android Emulator from Google is a part of the Android SDK. It’s basically used by developers to test and run their Android apps. However, you can also use the tool to run Android on PC.

To use the official Android Emulator:

  • You’ll need to download Android SDK first
  • Once you’ve downloaded Android SDK, launch the SDK manager and select Tools > Manage AVDs
  • Now, click on the New button and create an Android Virtual Device (AVD). You can specify any type of configurations
  • After your Android Virtual Device is successfully created, just select it and click on the Start button to launch it

A major downgrade of the official Android Emulator is that it is very slow and not an ideal option if you intend to use it every day. However, you can use it to test apps and games on new Android versions.

3. Android-x86

You can also run Android on PC with the help of Android-x86. It is an open-source project, intended to bring Android on desktops running x86 processors. Using the program, you can install Android OS on your computer just as you install Windows or Linux.

The downgrade of Android-x86 is that currently, it’s only available for selected devices such as Dell Inspiron Mini Duo, Samsung Q1U, and ASUS Eee PCs.

Note: Android-x86 isn’t stable. So, take extra care while installing the program on your PC.

4. Android on Intel Architecture

Android on Intel Architecture
Intel has also developed their own distribution of Android on new PCs. They even offer you an installer that allows you to install Android on Windows 8 devices. When you launch the installer, you are asked whether you want to preserve Windows in the dual-boot scenario or replace Windows with the Android operating system. This way you can dual boot both Android and Windows on your PC.

However, the feature is available only on a few devices like Samsung XE700T, Lenovo X220T, and Acer Iconia W700.

That’s all we’ve in our list of 4 easy ways to run Android on PC. We’ll come back with more such posts. So, stay tuned with us!

List of 4 easy ways to run Android on PC
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List of 4 easy ways to run Android on PC
In this post, we'll detail a list of 4 easy ways to run Android on PC. You can use any of these methods to run the operating system on your computer
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