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Apple’s iPhone 8 may cost more than $1000

Apple’s iPhones have never been known to be inexpensive. If truth be told, these are probably one of the most expensive smartphones present in the market, and, it seems that Apple’s next smartphone, iPhone 8, won’t be any different. In fact, as per latest rumors, the tech major’s 2017 iPhone will be pricier than ever.

Rumors indicate that the next flagship device by Apple, dubbed as iPhone 8, will sport an OLED display that’s costlier than conventional LED displays. Other enhancements such as wireless charging functionality and increase in memory may also drive up its cost. Well, some reports also indicate that iPhone 8 wireless charging might use Apple’s In-House Inductive technology.

Some rumored features of iPhone 8 are, probably, a dual camera lens as we saw in iPhone 7 Plus and a brand new design that will abandon the home button in favor of a fingerprint sensor. Users can find this sensor underneath the screen. It’s not hard to imagine that iPhone 8 may cost more than $1000 when the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus is already pricing $969 in the US. However, going beyond $1000 is getting a bit out of hand.


According to some reports, Apple is also working with Lumentum to evolve 3D sensing technology that will be used in iPhone 8 but didn’t provide any details on how the feature will be used.

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Apart from an OLED display, the company is also expected to debut two more affordable devices with LCD displays that are little closer to the existing iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, estimating specs of 4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively.

These two devices are expected to feature analogous design enhancements like glass body. However, the company will have cut down features such as an LCD display to keep the cost down.

With such major enhancements presumed in iPhone 8, which marks Apple’s 10th anniversary, rumors have been running epidemic for months that the next flagship device may cost more than $1000.

Such rumors made it hard to grasp exact specifications of iPhone 8, including screen size, display design, and wireless charging functionality. As we sneak nearer to September and start to see the first park leaks, we can suppose to have a big picture of what to expect from the first significant iPhone redesign since 2014.

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Apple’s iPhone 8 may cost more than $1000
Apple's iPhone 8 is expected to cost more than $1000. This 2017 iPhone will be pricier than ever, according to reports.
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