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Facebook's Discover People feature will help you make new friends

Facebook has launched a new feature that will help you make new friends. Dubbed Discover People, the new feature will allow you to discover people who share your interests and connect with them.

The new Facebook feature requires you to update your profile first. Once your profile is up-to-date, you can discover new people by browsing through the list of people who live in the same city or work for the same company. You can also scroll through the list of upcoming events to see who else is going. This way, you can easily connect with people who have similar hobbies and passions.

Facebook has already started rolling out the feature on Android and iOS devices. However, it may take some time before it is available to all users.

The Discover people option will be available in the navigation section below Friends, Events, Nearby Places, Groups, and other options. Tapping on it will open a new screen that’ll prompt you to introduce yourself. Here, you’re required to update your bio and profile picture. Just follow the on-screen instructions and it will be done.

Below the Introduce Yourself section, you’ll see a list of upcoming events which you may be interested in attending. Tapping on any event will show the profiles of people that are going to the event.

At the bottom most section of the screen, you will see various options to browse through the list of people who live in your town or work in the same company in which you work.

None of the above-mentioned section will display the list of people who are already your friends.

How discover people feature by Facebook will affect your privacy

While the new Facebook feature serves as a reliable platform to bring people with similar interests together, it also gives rise to many questions. At present, there is one single question in everyone’s mind. How the new discover people feature will affect your privacy. To be frank, your privacy will no longer remain the same. It will be much easy for strangers to discover your profile and directly message you. So, you’ve to think once before using the feature on your account. Remember, your privacy comes as your primary concern. You’ve to ensure that the new feature doesn’t affect it. Enjoy!

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Facebook's Discover People feature will help you make new friends
Facebook has launched Discover People feature that will allow you to discover people who share your interests and connect with them.
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