How to make GIF Animation with GOM Player for fun

We all love the interesting GIF animations that we see uploaded on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes it’s your friends who have posted one of such intriguing GIFs. What you would do every time is save them on your mobile phone or system and share with other friends to have more fun together. Well, we understand how much you love them and we bet you did not know that you could make GIF Animation with GOM Player in the really easy way.

So if you have been scratching your head over and about who could make these GIFs or you always wanted to add these animated pictures/GIFs to your blog or website, you can do so with ease. It’s so simply to make GIF animations with GOM.

The next time you want to make a GIF or something funny and interesting, let’s say a GIF of your cute kitty, a short video clip of a fun time with your friends, or on a prank that you tried on a stranger; look no further than this media player from GOM Lab.

There’s a ‘GIF Animation’ feature in GOM Player which lets you make amazing animated gifs in less than three minutes. All you need to do is just follow some easy steps mentioned below. We guarantee that now when you will share them on your Facebook wall, you are going to enjoy a hike in the number of likes on your post.

If you haven’t installed the software on your device yet then download GOM Player now!

Make GIF Animation with GOM Player in easy steps

  1. To make GIF Animation with GOM Player, once you have played the video clip you want to convert and make GIF Animation in GOM Player, open ‘Advanced Screen Capture’. You can also use the shortcut key – ‘CTRL + G’.

automatically save GIF Animation2. Now simply change the format to ‘GIF Animation’.

Change file format in GOM3. The Output Ratio Menu is generally set as ‘Original resolution’ by default. In case the video clip is too big, like Full HD, you may face a capacity issue in making a GIF Animation in GOM, however. In such a case, you will need to change the clip into ‘Video aspect ratio/ Playback resolution’ (recommended). Note that the ratio and size of the now watching GOM Media Player’s window will be saved as it is.

Video Aspect Ratio of clip in GOM4. Finally, while setting size limit, the available size is from 1MB (minimum) to 200 MB (maximum). Thus, it is recommended that you first check the size limit offered by the site on which you want to upload the GIF.

Selecting file size5. As soon as you click on the ‘Close” button, all settings are completed. Now you are ready to make GIF Animation with GOM Player.

6. After playing the video clip again with GOM Media Player, go to ‘Advanced Screen Capture’ (or press CTRL + G) > click on ‘Animation GIF Starts’ in the part of the clip you want to make an animated GIF > click again to complete the process. You can also check the running time as well as the size of your GIF on the same window.

make gif with gom7. The GIF Animation is automatically saved in the set folder.

automatically save GIF AnimationNow you can check out your newly created GIF Animation in GOM Player.

So what do you think? GOMLab did a pretty good job in making it simple to make GIF Animation with GOM? Try it out and let us know your feedback.

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How to make GIF Animation with GOM Player for fun
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How to make GIF Animation with GOM Player for fun
Want to make GIF Animation with GOM Player? Don't worry, we have come up with this guide to create your own interesting gifs and share them on social media.
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