10 best mobile email apps you need to check out
10 best mobile email apps you need to check out

Managing emails is one of the key parts of living in the digital epoch. And what’s a better way to send and receive your important emails than via your pocket-sized computer, i.e. your smartphone? Delightfully, there are a wealth of mobile email apps that you need to check out in order to manage your personal and professional emails easily.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best mobile email apps to help you tame your inbox. Let’s dig a little deeper:

Best mobile email apps

1. Microsoft Outlook


Let’s take the lid off from our list of the best mobile email apps with Microsoft Outlook app. With a flawless integration of several webmail providers along with unified scheduling, the app is more of a commerce-focused email aggregator than relative to others. The interface is elegant and minimalistic, providing you all the information you need in a clutter-free manner.

Bonus in MS Outlook for Android and iOS is its ability to attach files in your mails from cloud storage. It lets you instantly switch from your mails to a calendar, allowing you to swiftly schedule a meeting with your contacts.

Platform: Android and iOS

2. Gmail


Aimed to keep your email messages safe, Gmail is an easy-to-use app that offers particularly handy tools to organize your mails. The automatic filters sort out spam mails and social notifications, allowing you to get down setting rules for tagging incoming mails by a sender.

Get your emails instantly via push notifications and read and reply to your messages with just a single tap with Gmail for Android and iOS. It also supports a wide range of POP and IMAP email accounts.

Platform: Android and iOS

3. Inbox by Gmail


Although Google continues to customize the functionality of its basic Gmail app, it’s also started experimenting with another app known as Inbox by Gmail. It is a great attempt by Google towards a smarter email system.

The application comes with a ‘bundles’ system to automatically combine purchases details and travel details together into convenient tabs. Also, it features a ‘highlights’ view that shows important details in a message thread without requiring to open an email.

Platform: Android and iOS

4. Dispatch


The next one in our list of the best mobile email apps is Dispatch app. It is an easy-to-use app that secures your mails and attachments. With the app, you can control how long your recipients have access to your attachments and mails.

Dispatch provides a strong encryption to your messages. What’s more, it stores your encrypted messages in its patented obfuscating file system. In case your device is stolen, lost, or hacked, exploring files will reveal nothing except some wacky-named files containing distinctly-encrypted objects.

Platform: Android and iOS

5. Airmail


Manage your emails in a hassle-free manner with Airmail. It is one of the best mobile email apps that supports fast document previewing, 3D touch, and high-quality PDF creation. It comes with a rich feature set such as snooze, interactive push notifications, and full inbox sync.

You can filter your emails by unread, conversation, starred, today, and smart. Moreover, the application is available in over 19 different languages.

Platform: iOS

6. CloudMagic


If you’re looking for an app that can handle a wide range of email providers and provide numerous power features, then you should go for CloudMagic for Android and iOS. The app supports Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange and IMAP accounts, among others.

There’s a powerful ‘contextual cards’ feature that enables you to send the contents of your mail to some of the popular tools like Salesforce, OneNote, and Zendesk, making it your best buddy.

Platform: Android and iOS

7. Boxer


Boxer is a gesture-powered email app that helps you quickly sort, archive or reply to your emails, allowing you to achieve the vague task of Inbox Zero with ease. You can throw your emails into archives, trash or spam through swipes. Moreover, a tap menu provides additional options such as adding stars, marking as read, labels or saving an email to Evernote.

Other nice features include the ability to create prerecorded responses, as well Calendar and contacts integration.

Platform: Android and iOS

8. WeMail


Unlike the traditional mobile email apps, WeMail tries to bring fluidity of instant messaging by providing a chat-like view of email exchanges. Using a threaded interface, you can quickly reply to emails with a quick email or voice message.

WeMail also gives a one-touch access to all your documents and photos exchanged through your email account. Currently, WeMail supports a variety of providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more.

Platform: Android

9. Mail Wise


Mail Wise aims to declutter your email experience with automatic content filters that can automatically strip away formalities and headers. Hence, you get a clear, threaded conversation experience, organizing long email exchanges, social media updates, and newsletters into separate areas.

Mail Wise comes with support for multiple accounts from email clients like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. Your emails will appear in a unified inbox that includes sorting algorithms and gesture support.

Platform: Android 

10. Type Mail


Earlier known as Blue Mail, Type Mail is one of the best mobile email apps that boasts a clean design and support for a variety of email services, including Gmail and Yahoo. The app allows you to use multiple email accounts with quick switching and customizable push notifications for every account.

The app comes with some exciting features like quick filters, swipe controls, mobile printing, as well as Android Wear support. It’s also available for iOS as well.

Platform: Android and iOS

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10 best mobile email apps you need to check out
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10 best mobile email apps you need to check out
In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best mobile email apps to help you tame your inbox. Let’s dig a little deeper:
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