Android utility apps of 2017
Android utility apps of 2017 to download now

Android continues to be the king of the smartphone operating system world. Owing to its worldwide extreme popularity, most companies have started manufacturing phones based on Android OS. The majority of big banner companies design and customize the OS according to their requirements and concepts. As a result, many utility apps come in light, including antivirus app, app locker, calculator, GPS, torch, and the list goes on. Note that not all phones come with utility apps pre-installed as some companies prefer their own UI system. While it might not be feasible for you to go through hundreds of thousands of such ever-increasing number of apps, we have done the legwork for you. This article goes for the best Android utility apps of 2017 that will make your experience with the OS better and sweeter than last year.

In the case where companies provide their own UI system on phones, Android Launcher comes in with additional features. All these boast own set of apps functionality systems. Some Android phones may have less number of utility apps. Productive apps like applocker, inbuilt torch, language translator, and more are out of user’s reach.

If this is your case or you want to improve the productivity of your device anyway, then find some of the best Android utility apps of 2017 in this list along with their download links. Just get them and install on your device and you shall be able to bring your phone to unknown capabilities.

These Android utility apps of 2017 will surely meet all missing app requirement from your Android device.

Latest Android utility apps of 2017

  1. Clean Master

Clean Master

With more than 200 million users worldwide, looks like Clean Master has successfully made it to the list of popular Android utility apps of 2017. The app finds use in keeping your phone safe from viruses and other malicious programs that may harm your device and data available on it. The app comes in a bundled package, including antivirus, applocker, CPU booster, Memory cleaner, and more. You can lock private apps such as social media apps, messages, emails, and phonebook to add another level of security.

There’s an autostart manager in the app using which you can control auto starting of apps. Another feature, task killer is efficient in killing additional tasks that may make your device slow.

  1. Google Translate

Google Translate

We all know the fame of Google and its products. For that reason, Google Translate is one of the best Android utility apps of 2017 as well. You can not only translate world’s any language to your mother tongue but also do the same for more than 90 languages by typing. Furthermore, you can use the camera to translate the required text in the language you want (up to 26 languages supported).

You can also download the language pack for offline use in case you are out of Internet connection.

  1. IP Tools Network Utilities

IP Tools Network Utilities

This is yet another in top Android utility apps of 2017. The app lets you quickly analyze Network and detect related problems. It offers basic network tools which you often use in Windows and Linux. IP Tools Network Utilities serves with an easy-to-use interface which shows information regarding the country, internal and external IP addresses, BSSID, broadcast addresses, network mask, regions, SSID, and more. There’s also a ping tool to check for network connectivity.

  1. Google Gesture Search

Android utility apps of 2017 - Gesture Google Search

Google Gesture Search also ranks among the top Android utility apps of 2017. This lightweight app lets you easily search your apps, Contacts, music bookmarks, and settings easily. It continuously refines search results as you add gesture and letters to it. With a simple interface and quick searching tools, you don’t need to find your apps or settings as you can just draw the letter on your smartphone’s screen see the results instantly.

  1. Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator

Last but not the least; Scientific Calculator is best suited for engineers and students. In general, all smartphones come with an inbuilt simple calculator with normal features. You can’t do calculations of the scientific values for angles like sin, cosine, log values, mode, under root, etc. the interface is easy and lucid.


In short, these are the Android utility apps of 2017 that we found most useful for you. These productivity apps for Android will not only provide you missing default apps but also give you additional benefits.

Did we miss any popular utility app for Android? Let us know your feedback in comments.

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Top 5 Android utility apps of 2017 to Download Now
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Top 5 Android utility apps of 2017 to Download Now
We have listed here the best 5 Android utility apps of 2017 that you really need to download in order to boost the productivity of your smartphone.
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