How to delete Snapchat Messages and Conversations
How to delete Snapchat Messages and Conversations

Getting popularity day-by-day, Snapchat is becoming widely used image messaging and multimedia app around the world. The app is used to store temporary messages, but in case you want to delete Snapchat messages, including text, images and memories here’s how to do it.

The fundamental concept behind this gigantic messaging app is that it automatically deletes your images and messages. However, there can be some additional ways to store your Snapchat messages. No need to worry about this as we have doctors’ advice for deleting your Snapchat messages on the go. If you don’t wish your Snapchat messages to be there forever, follow our step-to-step guide below and delete Snapchat messages with ease.


Delete Snapchat Messages and Conversations:

  • To delete the saved threads just long press on individual messages
  • Now head to Settings menu and clear conversation
  • You can also stop the automatic saving of your images by unticking the Auto-save Stories option resting under Memories in the Settings menu
  • To delete all existing images of yours, just tap the icon that is under shutter button
  • The final step is: navigate to the Camera Roll; select and delete Snapchat messages or photos you don’t want any more

That’s all! With the help of the steps mentioned above, you can easily get rid of all the mess and delete Snapchat messages as you desire. Snapchat not only allows you to do messages but you can also use it for voice and video calls to take your messaging or chatting experience to the next level.

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How to delete Snapchat Messages and Conversations
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How to delete Snapchat Messages and Conversations
Want to delete Snapchat messages? Check our how to guide and delete Snapchat messages including text, images, and memories with ease.
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