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8 best mobile payment apps for Android and iOS

Most people prefer to always keep some cash in their pocket; however, doing so has its own set of problems. Your cash can be easily lost or stolen. Moreover, you may need to count it again and again. Credit cards seem to be a better option, but they have high fees and sometimes lead to overspending. Also, there are chances that you may fall victim to online frauds and scams. That’s why we need to have some reliable mobile payment apps installed on our iPhone or Android smartphone.

In this post, we’ll discuss a list of 8 best mobile payment apps for Android. Let’s get started:

Best mobile payment apps for Android and iOS

1. PayPal

PayPalAvailable for: Android and iOS
PayPal is one of the most popular mobile payment apps for Android and iOS. It is widely accepted everywhere as a standard mode of making payments online. Many organizations prefer to make their payments via Paypal.

Making payments via Paypal is extremely easy. You just need to link your Paypal account with your mobile phone, set up a PIN, and proceed to complete your checkout at a related payment terminal. Apart from this, the mobile payment platform applies all necessary security measures to ensure that your transactions always remain secure.

2. Google Wallet

Google WalletAvailable for: Android and iOS
Google Wallet makes the process of making payments a lot easier. You no longer need to swipe your credit/debit card at the counter to make payments, as you can make payments directly from your phone. All you need to do is to wave your smartphone and tap it on the machine. The app will identify your card details and make your payments.

Google Wallet uses Near Field Communications to make payments. This means the payment app will only work on the phones that have NFC chip installed in them, which is available only on a few smartphones.

3. Venmo

VenmoAvailable for: Android and iOS
Venmo allows its users to make payments via text messages. You can easily set up the mobile payment platform to pay your contacts and your friends on social media networks. You just need to link your bank account or credit card details with it.

You can transfer maximum $2000 per week using the app. Moreover, the recipient has to register himself to be able to use the transferred amount.

4. Square Cash

Square CashAvailable for: Android and iOS
What makes Square Cash a strong contender in the list of the best mobile payment apps for Android and iOS is its high level of security. The mobile payment app comes packed with some really promising features like fraud detection, 128-bit data encryption, fraud detection, and card processing systems, which ensure that your payments are always secure and free from all kinds of cyber threats.

You can also add extra layers of security by enabling the app to send you a confirmation message after every successful payment, enabling push notifications & receipts, or enabling a security lock on the app.

5. Verifone SAIL

 Verifone SAILAvailable for: Android and iOS
Verifone SAIL already much popular among users. Using the utility, you can make payments directly from your mobile. All you need to do is to link your debit card with the app, set up a Touch ID or password, and start making payments.

The mobile payment app also comes with a card reader that Merchants can use to, scan QR codes, send email receipts to their customers, and synchronize their inventories across multiple devices.

6. LevelUp

LevelUpAvailable for: Android and iOS
LevelUp makes it very easy to make payments from your Android smartphone or iPhone. You just need to link your card information with the app and make payments at the participating outlets.

Apart from this, the app makes use of all necessary security protocols like the triple token system, QR codes, and strong encryption to ensure that your payments are safe. You can even protect your account by enabling PIN lock.

7. Tab

Tab Available for: Android
The mobile payment app comes handy when you’re having some happy time with friends and want to split the bill. You can use the app to snap a photo of the bill and share it with your friends. Now, everyone can select the items for which they want to pay and the whole bill will be equally divided among all, including the tax and the tip. No need to waste time doing unnecessary calculations.

8. Facebook Messenger

Facebook MessengerAvailable for: Android and iOS
You can also make payments using the Facebook Messenger app. Yes, you’ve read it right! After the recent update, it’s possible to make payments online using the messaging app.

To make payments using Facebook Messenger, you just need to connect your debit card details to your Facebook account, send the contact to which you want to send money, click the $ icon at the bottom of the screen, and enter the money you want to send. The money will be transferred to the bank account of the recipient.

You can also refer our tutorial on How to make payments using Facebook Messenger

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8 best mobile payment apps for Android and iOS
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8 best mobile payment apps for Android and iOS
In this post, we'll discuss a list of 8 best mobile payment apps for Android and iOS. The list includes popular apps like PayPal, Google Wallet, and Venmo.
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