Galaxy Note 7 Explosion
Samsung finally reveals the reason behind the Galaxy Note 7 explosion

After months of silence on the unfortunate Galaxy Note 7 explosion issue, tech giant Samsung has finally revealed the reason that caused the smartphone batteries to overheat and catch fire.

The company released a report explaining all the reasons behind the crises. According to the report, there were flaws in battery design and manufacturing that caused the incident.

Samsung launched the Galaxy 7 smartphone in August last year with record-breaking preorders. The company was expecting a similar response for the sale of the smartphone just when things turned sour. Several incidents of Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion were recorded worldwide. Following this, the company had to recall the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and discontinue the project. The recall will approximately cost over $5.3bn to Samsung.

Samsung built a test lab to investigate the root cause of the Galaxy Note 7 explosion

Following the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, Samsung built a new test lab. The company hired over 700 researchers and used over 2,00,000 devices and 30,000 batteries to investigate the cause of fires in the smartphone. After this, the devices were charged in different scenarios like wired and wireless charging, and fast and normal charging. The company even evaluated the software and hardware algorithms tied to wireless charging.

Other smartphone features like USB-C charging, water resistance, and iris scanner were tested as well.

Here’s what the Galaxy Note 7 battery manufacturing report details

After analyzing the smartphone in and out for 3 months, Samsung prepared a report that explains the reasons behind the battery explosion in detail. According to the report, the main cause of the Galaxy Note 7 battery problem (Battery A) was negative electrode deflections. The second manufacturer battery (Battery B) was affected by abnormal ultrasonic welding burrs.

Even if the battery problems were different for both smartphone batteries, the result was same. The smartphone batteries overheated and exploded.

You can see the infographics for more details.
Inforgraphic Battery explosion

Samsung creates battery advisory group and designs an 8-point battery safety system

To ensure that the incident never happens again, Samsung has created a battery advisory group. The group includes reputed professors and specialized consultants in the related field.

Samsung has also designed a new quality assurance process which both the company and its manufacturers have to follow. The process details various safety measures and precautions that should be followed before the smartphone battery is finalized. Here’s what the process includes:

Durability Test

Conduct additional durability tests that include battery nailing, overcharging tests, and stress testing on extreme temperatures.

Visual Inspection

Visually inspect the battery and compare it with samples for any flaws.

X-Ray Test

Run X-ray tests to inspect battery issues like a deflection of electrodes

Disassembling Test

Disassemble the battery to perform a detailed check of overall quality.


Perform a sensing test to detect issues like battery leakage.


Inspect the battery condition by checking the voltage change in normal temperature.

Charge and Discharge Test

Apply new scale charge and discharge tests to all devices.

Accelerated Usage Test

Engage in 2 weeks of real life consumer usability scenarios.

Apart from this, the company has also decided to contribute its learning and processes for testing Li-ion batteries. Surely this act of goodwill will also inspire other companies to conduct similar kinds of inspections.

Galaxy Note 7 explosion issue was a major setback for the company, but now it’s a gone chapter. Now the company has set its eyes focused on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. Let’s hope the upcoming smartphone helps Samsung make a major comeback.

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Samsung finally reveals reason behind Galaxy Note 7 explosion
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Samsung finally reveals reason behind Galaxy Note 7 explosion
After months of silence on the notorious Galaxy Note 7 explosion issue, tech giant Samsung has finally revealed the reason behind the Galaxy Note 7 explosion
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