Top 10 best Android launchers for your smartphone and tablet
Top 10 best Android launchers for your smartphone and tablet

One of the best ways to customize your Android phone or tablet is to install a custom launcher. Android launchers can give a full makeover to your device, from changing the look and feel with different themes and icons to adding new functionality like assistive search and smart folders. If you want to revolutionize the experience with some splendid apps on your device, look no further than our top 10 best Android launchers for smartphone and tablet. Here, we’ve curated a list of the most customizable and feature-packed Android launchers to help you find the best one for you. Let’s start unfolding our list:

Best Android launchers for smartphone and tablet

1. ZenUI Launcher


The first launcher in our list of best Android launchers is ZenUI. The launcher makes a bridge between the low-end launchers, which are brimming with commercials and the most complicated launchers.

The application includes a pool of high-quality themes and advanced customization features to refine your Android experience. Developed by Asus, the launcher allows you to apply themes, app icons, wallpapers, place apps in folders, etc. You can change the icon size and font of the widgets as well as apps on the apps’ screen, lock screen and home screen.

2. Smart Launcher Pro 3


Smart Launcher Pro 3 ranks amidst the top-rated Android launchers due to its streamlined design that cuts your phone’s home screen into a focused smart dial of your most often used apps. Apart from the smart dial, the launcher also adds an intelligent app drawer that automatically sorts your apps into useful groups. It creates separate drawers for the Internet, communication tools, games, multimedia apps, etc.

The launcher app also lets you hide apps from the apps grid and secures them with a strong password. Download Smart Launcher Pro 3 and quickly access all your frequently used apps right from the home screen.

3. Nova Launcher Prime


Whether you want to optimize your phone’s home screen or just wish to spice things up, Nova Launcher Prime is one of the best Android launchers out there. The application comes wrapped with small yet impressive features, including icon swipes and scroll effects.

It gives you the ability to add a colored dock bar to your device’s home screen. You can even select the number of app icons which appear in the dock, from one to seven. The application provides support for a slew of gestures. You can pinch, swipe, double tap and more to open your favorite apps within seconds.

4. Apex Launcher


Create a customized home screen experience on your Android phone and tablet with Apex Launcher. It is one of the best Android launchers that you can use to customize the home screen’s grid size with up to nine apps. With unlimited folder styles, transition animations and app drawer styles, Apex Launcher takes the customization experience on Android to the next level.

5. Hexy Launcher


Hexy Launcher turns your device’s home screen into a canvas of hexagonal tiles that adapts to your most important apps. It features a search bar, allowing you to quickly search for all your installed apps.

You can add widgets for your apps and size them dynamically if you want. Also, it lets you hide apps just by long pressing on their title.

6. APUS Launcher


Are you tired of using the boring and ugly home screen on your Android device? Is your phone’s battery draining too faster? Well, all problems can be solved with only one app, i.e. APUS Launcher. It provides all-in-one solution to all your concerns.

The app allows you to tweak your phone’s home screen with gorgeous themes and wallpapers. It makes your smartphone and tablet faster and powerful by managing apps, files, games, and saves RAM space and battery power as well.

7. Buzz Launcher


Buzz Launcher is another tremendous Android launcher with superior features. With this app, you can share your customized home screens with your buddies through Homepack Buzz where there are a bunch of choices also that you can also download and install on your phone. Furthermore, it also you to manage your apps and folders with a gesture support.

8. Go Launcher


Go Launcher is the ideal choice if you want a plethora of different options for how your phone’s home screen looks. The app includes more than 15 free App Widget, 25 screen animation effects, fast operating gestures. It is also capable of cleaning up the redundant apps that you don’t use on your phone or tablet.

You can pinch the welcome screen as well as change contextual menus and widgets by using the launcher. With 10,000 beautiful mobile themes and powerful 3D engine, Go Launcher can be termed as one of the best Android Launchers.

9. Solo Launcher


Another one in our list of top 10 best Android Launchers is Solo Launcher. It comes with a universal search feature, numerous wallpapers and themes, and most importantly puts a light footprint on your system resources. The launcher makes your smartphone or tablet fast as lightening.

You can even set your photos as icons with various effects. It includes attractive handwritten fonts which you can use for your favorite apps. What’s more, it has an optional Battery Saver to help you manage battery consumption.

10. Lens Launcher


If you want something unique on your phone’s home screen, check out Lens Launcher. The launcher places every single app on the home screen, which means they’ll get quite small if you’ve a plenty of apps in your phone. However, you can zoom in and pick out the app you want.

Lens Launcher also includes a full Settings menu to tweak almost every aspect of your phone, including scaling, haptic feedback, icon size, and distortion. Best of all, the app is free to use and bears no commercials, so check out for yourself.

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Top 10 best Android launchers for your smartphone and tablet
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Top 10 best Android launchers for your smartphone and tablet
If you want to revolutionize the experience with some splendid apps on your device, look no further than our top 10 best Android launchers for smartphone.
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