How to use Apple Hardware Test on your Mac
How to use Apple Hardware Test on your Mac

You can use Apple Hardware Test on your Mac to troubleshoot any problem you’re facing with your Mac’s hardware. This includes problems related to your Mac’s display, processor, memory, and storage. Hardware failure is very uncommon, but it does happen from time to time.

The Apple Hardware Test can detect any issues in your Mac’s RAM, and lets you know about them. Thus, you can replace the faulty RAM yourself, and save a few bucks in the process.

Not all Macs can be diagnosed using the Internet-based Apple Hardware Test. Macs that are unable to do so can use a local version that is either installed on the Mac’s startup drive or contained in the OS X install DVD. Mac models manufactured after 2013 can make use of a newer version of hardware test known as Apple Diagnostics. If you’re using mid-2010 and later models of Mac, you may require an EFI update before you can use Apple Hardware Test over the Internet.

Using Apple Hardware Test over the Internet

If your Mac is capable of using AHT over the Internet, it’s time to know how to actually run it. To do this, you need a strong Internet connection. If you have the required network connection, let’s start with the process.

1. Turn off your Mac.

2. Press the power button to start the process.

3. Hold down the Options and D keys together.

4. Release the keys once you see a “Starting Internet Recovery” text on your screen.

5. After some time, you’ll be asked to “Choose Network.” Use the drop-down menu to select your preference.

6. Once connected to the network, you’ll see a message showing “Starting Internet Recovery.”


7. Apple Hardware Test will start downloading on your Mac. Once completed, you will see an option to select a language.

8. Make your selection and click on the arrow at the bottom-right corner.

9. The Apple Hardware Test will check your hardware. This will take some time. Once completed, the Test button will be highlighted.

10. Before starting the Apple Hardware Test on your Mac, make sure that all of your Mac’s components are showing up correctly. If the configuration is up to the mark, you can proceed to the testing.

11. Hit the Test button.

12. The hardware test will start, showing a status bar and the errors that it may find during the testing process.


13. After the completion of test, the status bar will disappear. The Test Results area of the pane will show either a “No Issues found” message or the problems in the form of a list.

14. If you found some errors in the results, take a look at the error code section at the bottom for a list of common error codes and their meanings.

15. If there are no errors, you can go for an extended test, which is good at finding memory and graphics problems. To run the extended test, click the checkbox next to the Performance Extended Testing option, and then click the Test

You can stop any hardware test in process by clicking the Stop Testing button. Once you completed the Apple Hardware Test on your Mac, you can quit the test by clicking either the Restart or Shut Down button.

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How to use Apple Hardware Test on your Mac
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How to use Apple Hardware Test on your Mac
You can use Apple Hardware Test on your Mac to troubleshoot any problem you’re facing with your Mac’s hardware, including processor and display.
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