3 ways to remove advertisements in GOM Player
3 ways to remove advertisements in GOM Player

GOM Player is a popular name among the modern-day media players. It is an excellent alternative to VLC when you want to play many different video or audio formats and even play broken or damaged media files. But the trade-off is that it comes with pop-up advertisements that are really annoying. So, how to remove advertisements in GOM Player?

The pop-up ad window has been removed in the latest version of GOM Player. This was probably due to complaints from users as they found these advertisements too obtrusive. Now the only advertisements you’ll see in GOM Player is on the video screen when no video is being played. If you still want to remove advertisements in GOM Player, here are the 3 ways on how to do it with ease.

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How to remove advertisements in GOM Player

1. Disable GOM Player ads with .reg file


It is the simplest method to remove ads in GOM Player without having to manually modify any settings in the program. All you need to do is download the .reg file and run it on your PC to merge it with your Windows registry.

Basically what this does is it changes a value in the Windows registry to modify the default logo shown in GOM Player which overrides advertisements.

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2. Disable GOM Player ads by changing logo


If you’re not comfortable with the above-mentioned method, you can manually change the logo to override the advertisements in GOM Player. Just follow the steps below:

1. Run GOM Player on your PC.

2. Open the Preferences window by pressing the F5 key on the keyboard.

3. Select General on the left-hand bar and then click on the Logo tab.

4. The default logo (Default Skin Logo) will display the advertisement. You can select gom.jpg or gom_orange.jpg to disable popup ads in GOM Player. If you want, you can click on the Get More logos button to download more logos from the official website of GOM Player.

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3. Use ad blocker software


The third and the last method is to simply use an ad blocker software on your PC that is able to detect and block advertisements. Adguard is one such app which can help you remove advertisements in GOM Player.

1. Download Adguard for Windows and run it.

2. Click on Settings at the bottom left of the program.

3. Next go to Filtered Apps, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Add Application

4. Find GOM Player in the list of applications and tick the checkbox followed by clicking the Add Selected

5. Once completed, you’ll see an advertisement box in the player’s video screen but it does not contain ads.

You are done! GOM Player will no more display ads on the video screen. Download GOM Player for Windows.

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3 ways to remove advertisements in GOM Player
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3 ways to remove advertisements in GOM Player
If want to remove advertisements in GOM Player, here in this article we have included 3 ways on how to easily get rid of them.
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