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5 Apple Watch tips to make most out of it

There’s no question about you not knowing what Apple Watch is. Still, if you are one of the not-so-gadget-freak kinds of person, let’s make it clear to you. Apple Watch is a device that’s able to carry out much more tasks than telling you time. It not only brings iPhone notifications on your wrist but also lets you pay for things in the real world. The device can also prove life saver during an emergency, be your fashion accessory, and help you track down your lost or misplaced iPhone. These being a few in the list, why not take a look at our roundup of some Apple Watch tips to know what this wonderful Apple product is capable of.

Apple Watch Tips and Tricks You Must Not Miss

1. Check the time unobtrusively

check time

Apple Watch Series 2 lets users check the time without having to make it fussy during a meeting. All you need to do is just rotate the Digital Crown up and you’re done. To do this, you would need to toggle on the icon for Wake Screen on Crown Up in the Apple Watch iPhone app by going to General > Wake Screen.

2. Personalize Watch Faces

Personalize watch faces

Another in the list of Apple Watch Tips is customizing your handheld watch a bit. You can personalize watch faces easily via the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. To make it simplest for you, Apple even offers a curated section of faces inspired from the type of apps you have installed on your device.

3. Disable screenshots

Apple Watch Tips - disabling screenshots

To take a screenshot on Apple Watch, all you have to do is simply press the Digital Crown along with the Side Button. Before the advent of this Apple Watch tip, the camera roll on the device used to get full with accidentally captured screenshots from the wrist pressing the buttons unintentionally. Now that we have this in our category of Apple Watch Tips, you can be free of the mess. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, go to General > toggle option for Enable Screenshots Off.

4. Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay on your Apple Watch

Do you know that you can even use Apple Pay on your smartwatch or even add a card (credit or debit) to your Apple Watch app on your iPhone! When you want to pay, double-press the Side button to enable Apple Pay. Now swipe left or right to choose another card and hold the watch to the payment gateway.

This is one of the most useful Apple Watch tips as it minimizes the need to rely on your smartphone for online payments. Yet another advantage of Apple Pay installed on your watch is that it allows you to approve purchases on your Mac. Just three step and you are there.  Set it up, enable, and personalize the way Apple Pay works on your watch in the iPhone Apple Watch app > Wallet & Apple Pay.

5. Activate iPhone Ping

Activate iPhone ping from Apple Watch

If you often misplace your iPhone, this one in the list of the best Apple Watch tips is for you. Swipe up on the face of your Apple Watch screen to display Control Center. Now tap on the icon for iPhone ping. Doing so will activate a sound on your iPhone no matter if it’s on silent mode. To replay the sound, simply keep tapping it.

For those who are hard of hearing or find it difficult to get their iPhone in the dark, there is an addition in our Apple Watch tips list. Just long-press the same icon and now the sound will play along with your iPhone’s flash blinking continuously.

6. Unlock Your Mac

Unlock your Mac from Apple Watch

You might be unaware of the fact that your Apple Watch is capable of doing wonder of unlocking your Mac as you wake it. To do so, open System Preferences on your Mac and select Security & Privacy. Now check the box next to the option Allow your Apple Watch to Unlock your Mac and enter your password when asked.

Now the next time you wake your Mac, your Mac will be automatically unlocked.

7. Two-way use of Siri

Two-way use of Siri

This is surely among the quickest Apple Watch tips to follow. You can activate Siri on your Apple Watch by only holding up the Digital Crown. Another way to do so is to say “Hey, Siri” as soon as the watch’s screen is active.

8. Instant App Switch

Apple Watch Tips - instant app switch

Switching between apps on your smartwatch might cost you several taps and swipes. The next time you want to switch to another app or multiple apps or simply go back to your watch face, just double-press the Digital Crown.

9. SOS for Your Mental Peace

SOS on Apple Watch

Apple introduced the SOS mode on Apple Watch with the release of watchOS 3 in September last year. When you enable it, you can prompt the watch by holding the Side Button to dial the local emergency number.

To do toggle it on/off in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, go to General > Emergency SOS.

10. Let Your Speakers Swim

Empty water from Apple Watch speaker

With the launch of Apple Watch Series 2, you can now swim around wearing your high-end smartwatch. The only catch is that you would need to take out the water every time you dip. To empty the water out of the speaker, swipe up from the watch face to access the Control Center. Now tap on the water drop icon. Once done, you have put the watch in water mode and the screen will be automatically locked.

To unlock, turn the Digital Crown and clear any after out of speaker as you normally would with your hands.

Guess you have enough Apple Watch tips to try out now. So we will leave the rest up to you and be back with more interesting guides and posts soon.

Till then, share with us if you’ve got more Apple Watch tips or leave your feedback in comments below.

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10 Apple Watch tips to make most out of it
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10 Apple Watch tips to make most out of it
Here are a couple of Apple Watch tips that will not only make your experience better but also simplify doing different tasks with the device.
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