Instagram tips and tricks
10 cool Instagram tips and tricks for power users

Whether you want to run multiple Instagram accounts or save photos automatically, there are a plenty of awesome Instagram tips and tricks waiting for you. You may not be very popular on Instagram, but these Instagram tricks will help you use Instagram like a pro. You’ll definitely love these hacks.

Best Instagram tips and tricks

1. Hashtag like a pro


Most people like to add hashtags to their Instagram photos, but there are a few Instagram tips and tricks that you can use to be a real pro. If you are a starter, you can use an emoji in your hashtags.

Else, you can add hashtags to your photo descriptions. But if you want to keep your description brief you can simply post hashtags in the comments.

2. Manage team Instagram account


If you’re managing a team Instagram account but do not want to share the password with other members, there’s an Instagram trick for that too. Start a Google Drive or Dropbox folder and get your team-mates to upload photos there.

This way, a team member can easily upload pictures from the shared folder whenever they want to. You can also set up a notification using IFTTT so that you can know when a team member has uploaded a new photo.

3. Use Instagram for photo editing only


In case you want to use Instagram filters on a photo, but not like to share it on Instagram, there’s a workaround. Enable Airplane mode on your phone and make your edits. Try to upload the photo to Instagram and it will fail, but you’ll still have the image saved on your phone.

4. Keep your Instagram account private


Not everyone would like to show their pictures to random people on the Internet. By default, all your posts are shared publically on Instagram. Don’t fret as there’s an Instagram hack for this issue too.

To turn your Instagram account to private, you’ll need to go to the Options menu through your profile page. Then turn on the “Private Account” option to make all your posts private.

5. Remove photos you’re tagged in


Go to your Instagram profile and hit the person button on the far right. There you’ll see all the photos in which you’re tagged. Click on photo options and choose whether to remove tags from the photos or keep it. This one among our Instagram tips and tricks will help you remove all the tagged photos from your profile.

6. Add website URL below your name


If you’ve ever seen a profile having a website address below their name, then you must be wondering how to add your own website URL below your name. Well, it’s a pretty easy trick. Just add your website URL to the location field of your photo and it will display under your name.

7. Save your Instagram photos elsewhere


If you want to re-post your Instagram photos to other social media networks, IFTTT is your thing. These handy IFTTT recipes will help you save Instagram posts that you’ve liked. Seriously, if you want to save your grams or upload them to a cloud service of your choice, IFTTT has you all covered.

8. Switch between multiple accounts


If you use multiple Instagram accounts for different purposes, then there’s good news for you. You can now add up to 5 different accounts and switch between then without having to log out of one and log into another. All you need to do is simply tap the drop-down menu and choose the account you want to use.

To start off, head to your profile and tap the gears icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Now scroll down until you see “Add Account” option. Add the account you want to use and there you go.

9. Use Instagram through the Web


Earlier, the only way to access Instagram was through the mobile app. But, you can now go to Instagram’s website, sign in with your username and password, and use Instagram from your web browser. Unfortunately, you can only navigate your profile and follow other users on Instagram. The web version does not allow you to post a new photo or video yet.

For those who don’t know, Facebook has recently launched an Instagram app for Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

10. Add style to your bio


Ever wondered how people get line spaces and other cool things in their bio? They write the text using Word or some other text editor and then copy-paste it into Instagram. Perfect!

So these were some tips for Instagram power users. Hopefully, these tips will make your Instagram use much simpler than before.

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10 cool Instagram tips and tricks for power users
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10 cool Instagram tips and tricks for power users
Whether want to run multiple Instagram accounts or save photos automatically, there are a plenty of awesome Instagram tips and tricks waiting for you.
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